ShowBiz spotlight: "The Terrible Adventure"

Today 22-April is Earth Day, and we at ShowBiz wanted to feature an entertainer movie with a meaning.  With so many movies that send out a message about taking care of our beloved planet, we zeroed in on the genre of kids movies because when kids get involved and the message is even stronger that our planet needs to be fresh for our next generation to thrive in. 

We did some research online and finalized to watch the new movie "The Terrible Adventure" by independent film maker Kel Thompson. So we got ready with popcorn!

A bit of background first: The movie was conceptualized by Kel's two kids during a vacation where they had an idea to create a film to save the world from pollution, disease and more so.. even billionaire's greed! So the adventure began to make this into the movie!

Here's how the movie unfolds... The stage is set for two affluent kids who are on the verge of losing all they have and there is one opportunity that they have in front them if they take it, it will give them a million dollars! They then set out on an adventure to make it happen for themselves and all the challenges they face with evil minded adults and the gadgets and gizmos that they have to use to overcome these challenges. 

It turned out to even exceed our expectations that the movie is a great entertainer first of all and it is truly a family film in all aspects. Right from having kids as lead actors, having comedians providing clean slapstick humor and of course the billionaire who sets the contest. The kids are great actors and the fantastic screenplay and direction by Kel keep us tied to our seats on the kids' creative thoughts. You'll get to see all sorts of ideas and action from the kids - from hang-gliders to biplanes to Cadillac boats to bikes and even pirate ships!

The Terrible Adventure has already gained international recognition in awards - it has got so many of them! From Miami to BCIFF to Children Cinema Awards and Kids First! film festival as well. The list of longer than that - see the picture below!

The Terrible Adventure is already on all major online platforms - on Amazon prime and YouTube to entertain you and all the kids in your family! We are ShowBiz give our thumbs up to this great family film and recommend it to get some positive energy flowing in our lives and remind ourselves of earth day today and to contribute effectively towards it.

You can watch the trailer right here at ShowBiz blog:


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