ShowBiz Feature: Young actors & models Jahleel and Egypt - The Kamara Kidz!

This week at ShowBiz, we are featuring two young bring and so charming actors and models Jahleel Kamara and Egypt Kamara "The Kamara Kidz" who are set to shine across all screens! They are vibrant and charismatic Boys already making an indelible mark at this early age.

(New York, NY) Introducing “The Kamara Kidz”: Jahleel Kamara and Egypt Kamara! These young stars have exploded on the entertainment scene recently with high profile placements on television shows like POWER on Starz and in films such as FEVER, as a part of a segment on ABC NIGHTLINE, and in ads for WALMART, TARGET, GAP and so many others. The look of their confidence and a effervescent personality speaks so much in these pictures.

Egypt striking a post so casually

Jahleel showing off his charisma

Jahleel is now set to appear with an upcoming role in Jussie Smollett’s feature directorial debut “B-Boy Blues” alongside Grammy-nominated recording artist Ledisi (Selma), Timothy Richardson (David Makes Man), Brandee Evans (P-Valley) and others - which is currently in production in NYC.
Egypt in his usual charm

Jahleel with a new pose 

Check out the Kamara Kidz on Instagram @kamarakidz
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