Me + You: Justin Bieber fans!

Me + You. That's how his number 1 hit single started and boy, there was no looking back for the kid. Now, if you are still wondering who "Justin Bieber" is, then please go back to sleep because after 2010 & 2011 buzz on twitter, there ain't no show biz chat without the term JB or Bieber in it. Not just for that one song, he's got one full length documentary feature film dedicated to him and named as "Never say never" - yes, another song from his amazing vocals. Although, there have been mixed reactions to his vocals, one must appreciate him and his sheer determination to make it big in the show biz world.

I must admit, the first time I heard Justin Bieber, I wasn't fascinated that much but on repeated shouts and fan screams at his every concerts and my friends going crazy (girls!) just for the meet and greet JB thing, I thought again. I always wanted to write about him and how it feels to be a Bieben Fan, and there are so many amazing write ups on Fan pages out there. There is one thing that I found now and that's his official store where most of my friends purchased JB clothing and posters from. So, if you are Me + You JB fan then you just had some exclusive news.


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