JB Rocks !!!

I love pop music and it gives me immense joy when I listen to them. I love hearing to Justin Bieber songs. He is a great artist and he brings lot of variety in his songs. He became a great icon in a very small age. His songs are very popular among teens.  Hearing to JB songs gives great pleasure.
He started singing with great legends like Usher and Ludacris. Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith is one of my favorite tracks and it brings out a positive vibe. He won the artist of the year in 2010. Justin Bieber belieber refers to his fanatic fans. JB started singing many concerts and it attracted many belieber. JB’s believe tour was a great hit. The top hits of the album were One time, Never say never, Baby and As long as you love me. There are many JB merchandise available too.


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