Winners of 2023 MMB TV Awards!

 The results are out! The winners of 2023 My Music Block TV Awards have been announced. Its been a great event and the winners are gleaming with joy. 

Previously on the ShowBiz Blog, we've been covering the run up to the 2023 MMB TV Awards main event and the hype around it. Today we want to share with you the winners, so here we go!

The event was hosted by none other than the charming Dr. Letitia Wright and Delta Zeta Delta Sorority Chapter President: Gail Decatur. Matt Thompson one of the most buzzed artists wasn't there to accept his award for best break out single but the crowd was cheering for him!

Pam R Johnson was one of the most popular attendees, she won best poem and best lyrics for R&B/funk

Phantom Power won Best rock lyrics

Best Lyric Video was a posthummus award for Gregory Hickman Williams  accepted by one of his best friends and partners Sharon Manuel whom he recorded the song "no images" with in 1983.

Our very favorite Eye'z won summer jam of '23! Go Eye'z!

Here's Eye'z special interview at the awards show!

Ceetus Yesk was not in attendance, but won won best short film. Sharon Manuel also received an honor  emreita of song. Gail Decatur stated" My Music Block Awards was truly a creative an inspiring event.  Acknowleging the gifts and talents of local artists, will provides incredible inspiration to the art community. Events of this nature, must be celebrated by all."

Alien amor performed 2 songs

More media snippets will air on wrightplace tv channel on roku & Apple tv and Amazon prime as well, so make sure to catch those moments soon - here are the links!

Here are some more exclusive content on ShowBiz blog from the main event - enjoy!

Phantom Power interview


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