ShowBiz spotlight: Singer Eye'z attends premiere of movie 'Finders Keepers'

This week on ShowBiz blog, we are turning our beloved spotlight on one of our favorite artists - yes, you guessed it right from the title - Singer, song writer and famous celebrity - Singer Eye'z. Earlier this week, she was spotted attending the premiere of the thriller movie 'Finders Keepers'.

Now we all know how much of a social and active person Eye'z is. She does not spend any time without excitement in it. When at the premiere, she took time to make a vlog at the venue and speak about her experience at the movie theatre and whom she met and how much of a fun she had while at the premiere. She took time to meet the producers of the movie, some of the assistants who had worked in the movie, all the actors and actresses who were there at the premiere and interestingly, that she loved the ending of the movie, and finally with a lot of candidness, she had free popcorn and absolutely had a great time at the movie! 

Some cool snaps from the event with d.a. griffinstein and viral comedian star in Tik Tok - Bud Burtlow and David Clieck! 

The best part of the premiere, according to Eye'z, is that plot of the movie Finders Keepers takes place in Richmond, CA and when you see the video below, you can notice the absolute excitement when Eye'z talks about this. Watch out towards the end of the vlog when she's joined by another star

More action and updates from Eye'z can be caught live from her - Instagram -


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