Spotlight: Last Night Was Hell by LVSTNIGHT

  1. In this edition of ShowBiz spotlight article, we are talking about "Last Night was Hell". Yes, you read that right, this is the EP of LVSTNIGHT, a EP that caught our attention when we were going around looking for very exquisite valentine's day EP or rather an anti-valentine's day one for those who want to be loud in not celebrating this day.

We present you Last Night Was Hell by LVSTNIGHT from the Montana based rapper who reveals his dark side in some of the tracks of the album (or rather all?! - listen for yourself). Album is on Spotify here.

Heavy music, a lot of club hanging and a lot of emotion in the lyrics as well as music itself, the tracks portray a lot of moods themselves, and are perfect for a night out for gentlemen looking for some whiff of fresh air away from valentines. 
LVSTNIGHT is on Instagram and Twitter, you can find on this name and follow for more to come.


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