Spotlight: Singer Eye'z latest Single "Lovely"

This week on ShowBiz, we are talking about Singer Eye'z and her latest single "lovely" released on valentine's day which is an amazing track about all things love and about she emphasizes the love in the care that is shown on the woman. This is an exclusive track for fans released on bandcamp so you can head over there and listen to it and even but it right now at If you didn't know about Eye'z, her latest single that was a sensation was " ...Still a rainbow"

Another mention that we wanted to highlight on this article is that Singer Eye'z also attended the GRM Awards announcement dinner a couple of days ago in San Pablo Ca. All eyes on Eyez is what we heard from this bling event where Eyez was pretty much welcomed with fanfare as she was the winner of social media start award in 2019! Eye'z website is and that's where you can catch all the action and artistry that Eye'z is upto these days. 

We hear that Eye'z is working on even more new music and we from ShowBiz will be hooked to lovely in the meantime as we keep hearing it in loop! Catch up Eye'z on instagram to get all the latest behind the scenes and the glitz and glamour from the award ceremonies!


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