Adrian Annis is one of those great actors whose face you instantly recognize – probably because in the last 12 years he’s acted in almost a hundred productions, including full length movies, TV, commercials and even music videos. He’s the kind of guy producers love to have on the set because he is the ultimate professional. He’s on time, knows his lines and comes in ready to work. Adrian’s reliability and legendary preparedness for his roles comes out of his basic principle of “Why bother to do something if you’re not going to do it right?” It’s simple and it works, and all professionals, no matter what field they’re in, adhere to it, whether they know it or not. 

Acting, like sports, excited him at an early age. He began to ‘perform’ when he was a boy, but it was generally on the sports field playing football and tennis. He got to be an excellent player in both those sports until the Thespian spirit’s calling became too hard to resist and he decided to concentrate on acting full time. Being an athlete, however, helped him to stay in shape for some of his more rigorous roles and the discipline and camaraderie inherent in team sports effortlessly overlapped into his acting career, which keeps Adrian in demand not only for his talent but for his ability to work comfortably, cheerfully and co-operatively with large casts.
Once he made up his mind to be an actor, he went all out and never hesitated. He auditioned for everything and treated every part he got as the best role in the universe. And obviously, he succeeded, because twelve years later, which is right now, Adrian has played scores of characters and worked with internationally known actors and directors and is one of those people who make you wonder how they can do so much in such a short amount of time.

He’s been in so many movies and TV shows that they can’t all fit here. But a few of the television shows Adrian’s been in are: “Eastenders,” “Ashes To Ashes” and “The Bill.” Movies are a particular love of Adrian’s and he has been fortunate enough to work on some really solid productions. He played one of the main Deatheaters in the last two Harry Potter films and many independent movies, such as “My Guardian Angel,” “Dumar,” “The Crack” and dozens of others. 

Adrian is originally from London but now lives in Cambridgeshire.


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