Screens.TV speaks your language!

How many times have you seen an awkwardly dubbed European language or Asian language movie and was surprised by how easy dialogues were translated into complex sentences and sometimes even conveyed an awkward meaning if not wrong! I guess the answer would be a plenty? Yes, that was my answer to that question when I started learning on the Internet on how content is dubbed to suit local audiences.

These days....Where every entertainment channel is moving towards "globalization" - where content is created once in one language and professional dubbers are invited to dub them to reach global audiences, the demand for quality in dubbing is ever increasing. Personally, I've really wondered where do these channels do their dubbing.

Here's a nice infographic that depicts trivia about the ups of good dubbing and downs of bad dubbing:

The answer to my questions and wondering was done by website and the company has the apt tagline "we speak your language". With over 25 years in dubbing and adding new languages always to their professional dubbing and voice over team, they are always in business! When I looked at their clientèle, I was amazed by the number of satellite channels that are in every major language spoken in our globe! Not only dubbing and voice overs - they also provide Subtitling, Translation, Media Processing, Content Distribution and Creative services to those media companies or people who need them. All these in one place is a big achievement I'd say. The entertainment and media industry must be thankful to for all these services which help in globalizing and localizing content to suit the needs of the people around us for they truly speak our language!


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