The extensive work of talented British actor and performer Stanley J. Browne

Stanley J. Browne’s experience in the acting world is extensive to say the least. His works include starring roles in several short films including His Fathers Son and Roxanne, and leading roles in both Rough Cut, as the diamond investigator Carter Jefferson, and a Jamaican gangster in Meet Pursuit Delange. He was in feature films including Mission Impossible, The Affair, and Final Passage. Stanley has also been in several well-known British TV dramas such as East Enders, Birds of a Feather, The Bill, London’s Burning, and several others.

These many feats are but a few of what Stanley has accomplished in his life. His accomplishments are a clear display of the efforts that he has put into his career. Ever since he began acting at the age of seven, he has enjoyed every minute of it. He has been inspired by many actors such as Denzel Washington and Robert De Niro. Stanley’s talent has been fueled by his ambition to follow in the steps of his heroes and achieve his own greatness.
Stanley J. Browne

Stanley studied at the Anna Scher Theatre in London as a teenager and then studied classical acting at the Mountview Classical Acting Academy later in life. His perseverance in acting does not go unnoticed. He is notably recognized for his extraordinary talents and the challenges he pushes himself to overcome. Stanley said that he hopes to expand his career, to act in ways and roles he has never dreamed of. He feels that he has yet to reach his full potential and he cannot wait to see what else the acting world has in store for him.


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