Best entertainment in Dubai from!

This summer holiday season, we at ShowBiz blog were wondering where would be the most ideal places to visit considering that travel and life in general has opened up!

Its a no brainer that Dubai is one of the most tourist hopping place these days due to its fantastic development and entertainment friendly culture. Then we were wondering whom do the people of Dubai go to when it comes to getting entertainment in Dubai?!

We didn't had to look any further, as it was quite easy to figure out that the best and leading entertainment in Dubai and in the middle east is Bella Entertainment! Naturally, we wanted to write about them to let our beloved readers in the middle east, as well as folks traveling to the middle east, know which agency to talk to arrange for some great events.

Bella Entertainment agency is the number one Dubai entertainment company with a presence of over 13 years in the entertainment market in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and in all the UAE. We were simply awestruck to find out the list of events that they can setup and run! 

Starting from shows for Corporate entertainment in Dubai, clubs, hotel, and private events, birthdays, and parties, they even have an "in house" dance and performing team that can provide any kind of dance performance, led poi dance shows, hire belly dancers, acrobatic acts, walking tables, hire magicians, hostess & bartenders for events, children entertainment, singers, arabic singers, music live bands, djs, fire dancers, belly dancer, hire magicians, kids entertainment, wedding planning, helium balloon show, audio and sound system rentals, lights shows, cake surprise, led poi dance and the list goes on! So, when it comes to event where you would like to Hire Belly Dancers in Dubai or even a "Specialty Acts" if you have something on your mind that's not on the usual list - Bella Entertainment got everything covered!

Their page has some amazing pictures and clips of so many of these events for big brands and customers alike - be sure to check it out!


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