Of Show Biz Biographies and more

Yesterday, I wanted to relax for a while and hence I chose to read about Biographies of Showbiz personalities and post some facts about them here. First up, it was the Biography of Leonardo DiCaprio. It was interesting and surprising to know that he auditioned at the young age of 14 for roles in commercials and educational films! Also, for a perfect finish for a yet to end Biography, the news that DiCaprio owns a island in Belize was very intriguing but it is a a good thing that he does care for the environment and wants to make it an eco-friendly resort.

Adding more surprises to me, there were categories of Music, Science, Sport, writing(yes the kinds of Robert Frost), I continued on the same website and was quite surprised to know that I not only read biographies about Showbiz/Hollywood personalities but also Biographies of famous people around the globe, famous historic Nobel prize winners and politicians as well! Serena Williams, Che Guevara, Don Imus(How many of us really know who he is?!) and Emily Dickson are on the cover page of the ever increasing Biography Archive - a very comprehensive website that made my day.


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