Some Neat Tactical Gear

Tactical Gear refers to those equipments and products which are used by professionals like military uniforms, boots, leather gloves, special suits for trekking, etc. which are life savers and very essential in their dare devil activities.

Multicam gear refers to a particular brand which manufactures many varieties of tactical gear like clothing, boots, gun bags, vests, gloves, leg gears, slings, etc. Multicam is a registered trade mark used by that company to sell its products which are world renowned for their highest quality and safety. Many countries are now using multicam gear in their warfare to enhance their military operations.

Uniforms which are used by law enforcers and military forces are multicam uniforms manufactured by multicam gear. They are of high quality and durability and suitable for all the countries of the world. The various types of uniforms manufactured by them are trousers, jackets, vests, helmet cover, gun bags, gun fighter caps, etc. These uniforms are made of special clothing material which camouflages the person from the enemy by blending with the specific terrain and environment. It is made of highly reinforced rugged material which withstands the rough usuage during military operations. Multicam uniforms is fixed with corrosion free zips, special pockets , loops and hooks to insert the arms and weapons used by military people.

Airman Battle Uniform popularly known as ABU use boots which is a slightly modified version of early Vietnam military forces and they are called as sage ABU Boots. The sage ABU Boots are worn by the Air force personnel and are of rough sage green. They are very soft with safety steel toe and water proof insulated material with or without side zippers. Sage ABU Boots are widely used by the military forces around the world and there are many varieties available in the market. Some sage ABU Boots are having non-metallic toe which are lightweight and flexible and very comfortable to use.


Unknown said...

I have a few questions regarding this boots. Tactical gear and equipments are mostly utilized by men in the military right, but i'm wondering about this boots, is this also just for military men or any average person can buy this too?


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