Weekend visit to a Church

So, today I went to my friend's place and his family took me to a age old church that was nearby his place. I was amazed at the modernity that they had there. Considering that this blog post is also a little off topic, but none the less, I'm here to post things that made my weekend. So this is the second thing that made my weekend after reading quite a good children's fantasy book that kept me hooked on, until my friend called me over to his place!

We were having a look at this place and the buildings nearby it. All the buildings nearby the Church were also well built but pretty old and required some re-housing or some touching up or whatever that is called! I'm an entertainment guy remember. But the fact that I wanted to write all about was the amazing piece of church management software that they were using!

I couldn't just stop from being amazed at how the management was done efficiently and even the smallest things were taken into note and accounted for, so that nothing goes wrong when it comes to auditing the finances of this big institution of religion! They showed me a nice demo and I was glad I made this visit. My weekend is now complete. Have a good week ahead folks!


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