ShowBiz spotlight: Money Talk by Misfit

This week at ShowBiz, we are featuring an interesting artist who has come a long way since 2009 and has reached the hearts of rap fans out there.

Misfit, a Chicago-based rapper who started his career back in 2009, rapped in a music group for quite a few years. After then, he spent a lot of time in the corporate grind in USA. He has since found that he is quite the misfit and is now back in mainstream rap!

He launched his latest single "Money Talk" which is our feature for the week here on ShowBiz!

Money Talk, as the name suggests, is all about getting money and what comes and goes along with it, in a very enthusiastic tone. He is on a goal to inspire his music listeners with his upcoming EP "The Unchosen Ones" that is on track to release in July 2020. Money Talk is already available on major music platforms. To instantly listen to it, tune in to Money Talk on Spotify and to follow Misfit, his life and catch up on next releases, log on to Misfit on Instagram.


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