ShowBiz Spotlight: La Golden by La Sinclair

We at ShowBiz hope everyone is doing well at these unprecedented times of the century and something the world hasn't faced in decades!

This week on ShowBiz spotlight we were looking to feature a unique artist who has sang some uplifting numbers off late and our search ended with La Sinclair. La Sinclair is California based, a singer who creates deep and meaningful music with much energy put into them.

We went ahead and read more about La Sinclair. The artist has a fascination for creating quite original music and the most interesting part to us is that she sings in both Spanish and English!
Some of her hit songs have a Spanish version also - like the latest one La Golden - she has released a Spanish one for it now and we just can't stop listening to it. As we prepare this spotlight about her - we are listening to both Spanish and English versions in loops. You can also listen to the track La Golden on Spotify yourself and understand what we say.

This track rhymes through the message of legalizing marijuana worldwide. As deep as the message is - she sings about it as the cure of many ailments that existing in the world today. Tune into La Sinclair on Facebook to catch up with her updates and new music!


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