ShowBiz spotlight: Jive Jive by Corbin Canvas

It's the season of EPs and there is no better way other than to feature a spotlight on a New York-based artist.

Today, we are featuring Corbin Canvas as he has released his popular EP “Jive Jive” and we just can’t stop listening to it especially the tracks ‘Function’ and 'Seasons'. If you hear them in studio speakers or earphones with noise cancellation, you can feel the intricate mixes that have been put into them. Listen to the EP Jive Jive on Spotify and we’re sure you will agree with us.

All the tracks are contagious and we bet you will keep humming the tunes even after a while. There are several genres in the EP – house, hip hop and some futuristic soul. The best part? - All the tracks are written, produced and performed by Corbin Canvas himself – the multi-talented artist that he is!

“Jive Jive” is available on all major platforms. He is followed by ardent music fans on Bandcamp so you can stay tuned to his upcoming releases as well as the news is that he will be releasing new music this year as well!


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