Deborah Lee Fong appears in Secret Santa at Urban World Film Festival

Here's an exciting new for all ShowBiz fans out there who are into world film!

Celebrated actress and Dancer Deborah Fee Long quite recently appeared as Agnes in the production of "Secret Santa" during the Live Screenplay Readings as part of this year's Urban World Film Festival and boy, we can't stop raving about this unique appearance of hers!

Deborah is celebrated for her multi-talents of acting and dancing with memorable performances in “Footsteps” and “Footsteps 2” that featured on on PBS, the film “You and Your Decisions”, and countless national Theater productions, She has worked with top directors Barry Jenkins and Ava DuVernay and has said recently in an interview that she would love to work with them again! The great artist that she is!

Ask her what she loves about her work of all time? It is without a doubt she says "Developing the truth for each character I have been able to play is an accomplishment, to live in their truth is an accomplishment"

Secret Santa appeared at the 23rd Annual Festival and the event was presented by BET in partnership with the Writers Guild of America East.
In Secret Santa, she appeared as Agnes who, in her own  loving words is ""Sweet loving and mom of the office always protecting people". Such a nice way to express the depth of the character, that is experience that matures with age, we tell you.

Deborah who is bilingual in and is Panamanian American, is always full of energy and the energetic bilingual has been acting and dancing in theater/television for over 30 years, imagine what a life experience that is!.
She is still as ever versatile and can play a character with ease and when it comes to dancing, she effortless performs Salsa and pole dancing. 


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