Music dua Studeo for GRM Award

"Yesterday...I saw you walking down the street...Knew it was our destiny...The two of us will be..."

This are the lines we at ShowBiz are humming thru the day today as it kind of kindles our younger days of love and compassion in this world to all the great things we experience.

These are the opening lines of the popular track by Musia dua Studeo which rhymes into the lines of "When all is said and done.. You're the one...". 

Can't say clearer than that in anyway possible - such a warm feeling to say such words to one we love the most. This is the sole reason why Music dua Studeo may be nominated for a GRM award again this year! So we at ShowBiz are rooting for them to win it again!

For singing along with us - here's the track for you to see and enjoy.


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