ShowBiz spotlight: Hit singles from Lailien

This weekend at ShowBiz we are covering hit singles from Toronto based alternative artist ‘Lailien’. The singles are interestingly titled as Agent Amsterdam and Valentine.

The focus of the singles are different from what the title may suggest. Lailien investigates diverse view points of the human mind where it swings between nonsense and skepticism versus certainty.

This is brilliantly portrayed in the videos of these singles and Agent Amsterdam is a visually delightful to watch, so much so that we watched it multiple times in awe!

The singles are on YouTube and you can watch them right here at ShowBiz and let us know what you think about them in the comments!

Agent Amsterdam - Music video

Valentine - Music video

Lailien is on Instagram and he has his very own website where you can catch up on his upcoming realeases and enjoy some invigorating music!


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