ShowBiz spotlight: Jungle by Kemper Grant

We at ShowBiz continue our journey into the world of music and find rare gems to showcase on our blog. In that sense, today we talk about Kemper Grant, a talented artist who has started his career in style with the album “Jungle”

Kemper Grant is an Oklahoma based artist and his album Jungle is an 8-track that shows off his talents in very interesting ways. It is a very diverse album that it is multi-genre ranging from high energy track All Day All Night. a smooth track Blind, pleasant music in Electra and some interesting beats on our favorite track of the album Uber Ride to Cry. We would like to think that this album portrays his perspective of life in his city or otherwise the urban jungle and hence he aptly named the album Jungle.

Jungle is on spotify already and all major platforms as well. To follow Kemper Grant on what he is planning for his next album, check out his website and Instagram to catch up on his life.

ShowBiz wishes the best to this amazing talent for his upcoming albums!


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