Old fashioned entertainment

Let’s get into the history of entertainment, as we proceed we find entertainment began late back from the beginning of human civilizations when people gather together to perform at the campfires. But the known history tells us that the civilization at Greece began the entertainment as a part of the social life. They started to design stage plays having mythological characters where the whole city state became the audience. Later stage plays where nurtured by music, and spectacular playwrights started to bring life to this form of entertainment. It is needless to say about the contribution of Shakespeare and Bernard Shaw etc in bringing about the needed changes in the field of entertainment.
Now we have every form of entertainment possible like TV, internet etc but still it is difficult get Lunt fontanne theatre tickets or the new Amsterdam theatre tickets because we still have the stage plays going on. The stage plays format has now been improvised into various forms like music shows, movie shows and the new improvisation called stadium theatre were even sports has been made to merge with rock shows. Reliant stadium tickets have been made difficult to get because of the rush for such type of entertainment.

Entertainment everywhere

Where ever we, and whatever we do, either in work place or at home or even when we travel we need some sort of entertainment in order to overcome boring moments of life. Sometimes television is one of the best entertainers we have had in our life and nowadays the number of entertainers getting increased and there are lot of newer channels, newer broadcasters and newer entertainment features likes soaps, reality shows and various competitions. Many a time good movies which we wanted to watch for a long time back but didn’t find enough time to watch it will be broadcasted in one of the television channels, but even at that moment we will not be in a situation to watch it.
Now to our rescue we have Direct TV or what we call as Satellite Direct TV through which we can easily watch the desired channel from wherever we want. At the office it is enough we have a computer with internet connection, at home needless to say we have enough of ways to get the satellite TV, While we travel if we can carry a 3G mobile which can help us in viewing the desired feature. So it is now handy and it is now entertainment everywhere.

Enjoy the power of money

When we have enough money we need not worry about anything but when we lack money we start to worry about various things like Finance Mortgages, credit limits, loan applicability. So to enjoy in life we need money and when we receive to money we need we can really enjoy the power of money.

Trade show entertainment

We get a lot of happiness in various events that happen to us. Some events will be so unattractive that we least expect to be interesting. One such event was a trade show for motor vehicles. Motor Trade Insurance, Spare parts, different types of engines with different powers are the important stalls in the show, but the most interesting part will be the part where the many companies with their brands and most importantly with lot of girls in skimpy dresses will be exhibiting the different styles and models of the vehicles. Once you pick up an interest for such an event you will be all the more bewildered to end up in show like them.

Best weather best sleep

Its holiday time, time to enjoy the joys of Christmas but wait, before getting into the real mood of enjoyment it is always good to take some rest as it is the only time when we can have full day’s rest after a tiresome year. It is time to recharge our batteries and sleep does it in the best way possible. I am planning to spend my whole day in the leather beds I had bought a few weeks ago. It is a perfect weather to spend the whole day in best and to enjoy the whole day sleeping every bit of it. Zzzzz….

Tips for a business trip

I just want to try out a little bit of sharing my travelling advice through this blog. This time I want to share something that we will need when we travel on business trips. Normally as executives we have to carry our rubber stamps with the stamp pad which makes two items. There are some types of rubber stamp where the ink pad is placed within the stamp and that makes only one thing to carry. This helps in the travel packing and a smart travelling experience.

Its real entertainment

There are many things that we as human being enjoy in this world, some of them are important moments of life like graduation day, wedding, first appointment of job etc. Among these important days of life wedding has a special importance because for a simple reason it has every bit of enjoyment within it. The real entertainment part of it is the preparation part of the wedding. The wedding day needs special preparations like preparing wedding invitations, fixing the wedding minister, fixing a hotel for wedding celebration, preparation for the bachelor party, tailor made special suits etc. All these things will take a little bit of our time and money but all these activities of preparation even though give us a little trouble, we nurture these moments of life in the future. So we should enjoy these moments as we do them as and when we do them. When we turn back into them after the marriage these moments will be the best that we remember in the future. When we see the wedding video at a later part of our life we will cherish the moment of the preparation and feel happy about the preparation. So the real joy of any celebration is in its preparation.

Antique Collection: A great pastime

What an enriching experience to do collection of something as a hobby. Here are some of the best pastimes that can help us to be good collectors, we can collect stamps, postcards, address labels, and some people collect the tickets issued in different countries. People like me entertain us by collecting antiques like music boxes, letters with signatures of celebrities, grandfather clocks, sundials, Chinese porcelain, swords and scabbards of kings and queens, some of the medals acquired by great people etc. Grandfather clocks come in different sizes, heights and the most differentiating factor is over the music made at every hour. Collecting antiques enhances our sense of creativity, antiquity and love for nature.

Christmas Decors

It is Christmas in less than ten days. You would have started decorating your houses already for yourself and the innumerable guests as well. It is winter and you would like your house to be warm and cozy. Apart from your wall to wall carpets you would like some designs on your floor enhancing your aesthetic sense. A little more colour to your room will bring the festive mood to your minds. I suggest you use Rugs to decorate. A lot of designs are available in different ranges from economical to premium ones. But they assure you on the quality and the uniqueness of the rugs. Even the Cheap Rugs are good looking and attractive. You will actually wonder how so many designs are available at one place. You can place orders on demand of designs too. And the shipping is absolutely free. More than all, you also get Area Rugs at special offers and discounted prices. Adding to all these advantages, you may have a doubt how these are cheaper than most other rugs outside. It is because you are dealing with the company directly with no middle men involved. So you get genuine items at genuine prices. And do keep yourself updated about the clearance sales.

Tea for all Tastes

Need a break? then, for it to be a complete break from all your work tension and pressures you must be out with the cup of tea in the hand. Well, tea is the most preferred beverage or drink after water, which makes them unique with some extra qualities when compared with the others of such kind. English Tea Store, one among the world's largest tea sellers online doesn't limit up themselves with just the tea packets alone but also extend their business on all other products and accessories that are related to Tea like Teapots, Mugs and Tea sets etc. They also lead in selling the loose leaf tea which offers you with great quality and standards and don't forget about the sensational feelings they provide to your taste buds. While brewing them in vessel, you can feel the taste as well as the dance of the leaves, here dance refers to the opening up of leaves and also their movement with the so called eddys and currents.
Teas are not just meant for your relaxation, as many people begin their day only after kissing a hot cup of Tea even before getting up completely from their sleep, because they think it makes them feel fresh and this thought seems to be working for millions and millions of folks for many decades. Breakfast tea which usually delivers strong flavor when mixed with a right proportionate of sugar and milk is available in two different blends when it comes with the English Tea Store. They also carry top breakfast blends from England, like PG Tios and Typhoo etc. They help us in getting all sorts of brands regarding Tea even online reducing the workload and also our precious time.

Make your day exciting

There is never a dull day with robin games. You can fill your entire day with exciting and fun filled moments with thousands of online games. There is a wide range of games available here. To remove stress of your office life or your student life you get to play strategy games or action games. All the games are available for any type of PC even if it is a Mac. The web based games are my favourite as they are interactive and you get to interact with a large gaming community. The latest games in their stable are Fantastic Farm, Coconut Queen, etc. Among the all, one I liked was the Prince of Persia download games. It had numerous levels to complete with each level difficult than the other.
Now, one would be apprehensive regarding the safety of downloads from this site. Well this is a safe site with no viruses and adware. You can install and play any number of games in your system. The games you download are yours on forever. For interested gamers they are offering a customised list of games which will suit your needs perfectly. You just need to sign up for it.

Get the exciting games all here

Life is boring if you don’t have good games to play. Computer games has revolutionized our lives so much that we can’t spend a day without playing one. There are a lot of good mac games available for you. You can download mac games like strategy based games or mac hidden object games.

Hear the heavenly music

Come this december all the music stores are going to sing the chorus togather. It is the time for celebration, celeberating the birth of Jesus christ. How could one celebreate this joyus occasion much better than with christmas carols and christmas gifts. In this festive occasion one would like to gift others gifts of joy and peace. And one such gift would be Christmas music. You can find free christmas music of northern light orchestra available on the web with live streamming. They offer age old classic christmas music for free download along with free christmas sheet music.
They are a band of orchestrated rock musicans who with their guitar solos are sure to impress anyone with their classic rock. Many shows have been performed by them all which have been well received with great enthusiasem. A new release from the nothern light orchestra of nine tracks are soon to hit the shelves this christmas also they are planning for another nine track release next year. Well with their upcoming shows next month in Arizona on December 12 and a DVD release in Phoneix, Arizona their popularity is set to hit all time high with their free christmas music.

Right time to go for mortgages

Well the housing markets have crashed thanks to the sub-prime crisis. It must have been hard for some but now there is an opportunity for those who have decided for getting a new home. For all those scouting for a loan well you can get the best deals available. Since the mortgage rate is a crucial factor in deciding the type of loan you want to take depending on your income level. The mortgage rates differ by the type of repayment option you choose. You have different types of mortgages available like the 30 year mortgage, one year adjustable-rate mortgage, hybrid mortgages, interest only mortgages, payment option loans etc. It is always better to get an expert advice before going to take a loan for your dream house. Because you might need to refinance mortgage rates depending upon your cash inflow which rests on your job or business.
By evaluating the top lending banks either worldwide or national you get to choose the best deals on the net. After all it is all your hard earned money that you will be putting at stake for repaying the loan amount you take from the bank, so it is wise to be careful.

Network Assessment

Networking is a hot subject now and everyday it is being leveraged to its fullest. For any critical transaction, the continuity of network is very important. Therefore it has to be assessed every now and then. The network assessment service will give a detailed description of your network layout. It studies the utilization and traffic of your network and gives a report on it. The service runs on every individual port configured in the network and gives an audit report will be part of this service. This is really important in terms of Banking Transactions or any Video Conferencing sessions in a widely spread company. More than that any Telecom or an Internet Service Provider has to be cautious in allocation of bandwidth because nothing should be over or under-utilized. Apart from the network assessment, network security is another ocean of study which plays a vital role in controlling the cyber crime. It secures all the data that is being sent of the internet every fraction of a second so that your privacy should be preserved.

What is in a Public Relation

In this world of business and stress, there should be always time for fun and frolic. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So any organization should make arrangements for relieving people from work atleast for a day or two to conduct events enriching the company’s value as well as the employee’s value. If you look out for the best public relations agency, then you must be in a position to showcase yourself in a big way. Not only in events within the company. I am talking about events where you have to invite outside people as well. A PR agency is a must. What differentiation does your company show? Well.. Again it depends on the innovative campaigning the PR can do. Take for example, a marathon event. The promotion of the event as well as the company should reach every nook and corner of the city or the state. Therefore the agency you choose must have great clients, media partners and partnerships throughout the country.

Want a Commercial?

The word advertisement sounds very exciting because it opens the door to a world of innovative products. Moreover, since the TV population is only increasing day by day, it is necessary for most companies to attract market through this mass media. There are a lot of Advertising agencies which are ready to produce a tv commercial, custom made for you. All you have to do is to choose the right one. You should be very clear with how you would want to attract the prospective buyers. You may want to create a craze amongst people or you may want to rationalize people’s decisions. Either way, the advertisement should be able to portray your product in such a way that you would want to portray. Commercials have become an important channel of advertising which have changed the way of living in many homes. So a company should be cautious in showcasing the right kind of commercial catering to the needs of the target customers.

Hair Restoration

Hair fall has become a serious issue now a days especially because of pollution and climate change. Moreover, the work pressure is increasing day by day that people get more tensed and do not have time to take care of themselves. In the process, people start losing hair. Men especially become bald at a very early age and start looking old. It becomes too late before they realize. But it is never too late. There is a remedy for everything. There are hair restoration techniques offered by many technicians which help your hair grow. This is not implantation. This is your hair growing again. So it looks quite natural. People may never know you were once balder. Isn’t it a virtue to see your hair grow again? And what is more? You look younger again. The appearance itself boosts your self confidence in your workplace or in personal life, giving you a new turning point in your life.


Every one of us would like to look our best. But sometimes the obesity or slight overweight may lead to decrease the level of confidence you portray to the outside world. With the best of your features, you may still look bad. But there is a solution for this problem. This does not need severe dieting ignoring your favourite food or strenuous work-outs for which you will not have time in this busy world. It is a proven medical process called liposuction. Liposuction is a minor surgery related to plastic surgery wherein the doctors remove the excess fat content from your body at required places. It gives incredible outputs when it comes to weight reduction. If your skin is elastic, there is very less after effect and you manage to get a perfect figure. Though this process does not substitute dieting or exercise, it sure is an easy way to reduce your weight and look good. So learn more about Liposuction from established doctors and find a better way to look.

Wooden Blinds

Sometimes we would wonder that something's missing in the house. Something which would increase the beauty and the richness of the living room, something that would make your neighbors envious, something that you could be proud of. Well friends I only found the answer to that after i visited friend's home. He had this beautiful wooden blinds, which was a glorious sight to behold. It went well with his wooden floor. It took my breath away. I asked him where he got such awesome blinds, and he suggested me to this www.wooden-blinds-direct.co.uk. And i visited the website, it was one stop shop for your wooden blinds. It had everything from venetian blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds and verticals blinds. Go log on and get your wooden blinds today.

Air Conditioning Solutions

There is nothing worse than your air conditioner not working right when you need it. Last week I went to my friend's birthday party and we really had a tough with the Air Conditioner not working. That's when I came up by this website for quality A/C parts and car A/Cs. They have air conditioners parts for all cars be it audi or a bmw ac compressor. And the best part is that the shipping is free of cost.

Political participation

The 21st century youth are shying away from politics, thinking it's just not the right job for them or they think that there are other politicians who will take care of it. But if you want your voice to be heard in the political arena even if you don't jump into politics, you can participate in some top political blogs and give your views, ideas and suggestions. Debate, agree and support others views to make a better nation.

Pimp your Cruiser

Cruisers are not only a style statement but a root of pride and accomplishment for their owners. So everyone would want to have the best looking, macho cruiser there is, especially when you want to show it off to your friends. Well all this can be done quite easily, all your accessories and spare part needs can be got from one place. Just visit kuryakyn. They have wide variety of accessories and spare parts to fully customize your cruiser. The best part is that they have upto a 60% off on branded. Sounds interesting, log on and make your on style statement today.

Starting a Rock Band

Starting a rock band may be the dream of many people out there, it's not something impossible to do. Just a few important steps have to be taken care of. As we know every rock band should start with a good team, which should essentially consist of a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist and vocalist (if possible someone who can play an instrument). Once the starting is cleared, a good name should be decided for the band, it should go well with the type of songs the band is planning to perform. Next step is practice hard, each one should be good at what he does and if all the above are going good then start composing songs. Try to put one song on youtube and check out the response and improve on that. And what is a band without a business card, it's really easy to make those business cards online. Then finally spread the word, in person as well as through flyers and social media websites. Last but not the least don't keep your hopes high because only 1 out of 100 bands get to make it big.

Slide for fun

In any amusement park, the roller coaster would be the main attraction, but during the hot summers they face stiff competition from the water slides so much so that now dominate the entire park in the case of a water park. Water slides are basically roller coasters with no safety harness and let's people slide at high speeds through loops and bends. These slides are usually made of clear acrylic that provide smooth frictionless motion. This leap of faith onto a curvy, steep, wet chute gives that adrenaline rush while cooling yourself.

Caught in the torrent

Yesterday, it was well past the time for work and I just didnt want to get up from my bed. I just wanted to spend the rest of the day doing my favourite things. I just dragged myself from bed and had something to eat and after that I decided that I'd watch movies all day long. My hard disk got corrupted a week ago and my movie collection was gone with that. So the saviour of the moment was the torrents, started my computer and set myself to start downloading movies. While searching for torrents i made sure it was Only live torrents, I have already downloaded torrents from picktorrent.com and the search engine showed only live torrents, so finding the perfect torrent was quick and easy. While the movie was downloading, I was listening to music and the minute the download was over I started my movie marathon. I kept downloading another movie while watching the previously downloaded movie. This went for around 8 to 9 hours. At the end I was tired and went back to sleeping, my dreams were filled with 4 foot tall green men taking over the planet, while I was trying to save the planet flying around on a bright orange costume :D

Protect your data

Know how to Protect your data right now.

The wonderfull experience in Utah

Thinking of going to a vacation? Well, let me suggest a unique place, close to nature yet full of luxury. Maybe it sounds new to you. After visiting this place you will surely have a lot more to tell your friends than their vacation. I am talking about the Deer Valley in Utah. It is such a serene place to go for rejuvenation. Don't you need to worry about the staying part. The deer valley lodging is available where you can book rooms in advance and have a pleasant stay there. The food there is good. Sight-seeing of course should I tell you more? You can actually feel the sense of peace not only within you but also in people around you. After all, all you want is to stay calm and tension-free.

Enjoy Comedy News, South Park and popular funny videos at Comedy Central

Many of us just love to keep ourselves updated through news. And the movie lovers like to keep themselves updated through Hollywood news. There is a website which provides latest news related to entertainment. The news is updated after every few hours and not daily to ensure that you get the news as soon as they are released. This website also contains other cool stuff like all seasons of South Park.

Being one of the biggest UK’s entertainment website, Comedy Central is providing latest news of the entertainment world on its website. Just click on the Daily Fix tab and then click on the “Comedy News. The fresh and entertaining news will be displayed on your screen in no time. Comedy Central is also offering a download section from where you can purchase the TV shows and other stuff if you don’t like to watch them online. The same TV shows which are available for the purchase in downloads section are available for free to watch online in the TV shows section.

Comedy Central can also add a season or an episode of a season of South Park if it isn’t yet available on its website. All you have to do is simply email the name of season and its episode to Comedy Central. In just few days you will be able to access that episode from the Comedy Central website. The fast response and the quality of stuff available at the Comedy Central websites make is the most popular entertainment website. This website contains stuff for both children and grown ups. For example children can play games and watch videos while teenagers and others can watch the TV shows.

Songs are downloaded faster than ever

Do you love songs? I love downloading songs from the internet. Sometimes the connection gets disconnected in between and I have to download from beginning. This is highly frustrating and so I opted for high speed internet. The connection is reliable and is also continuous. I have never experience disruptions in the high speed internet. Are you not sure of
which provider to opt for? Just try Comcast, as I am using it. There are some promotional offers, try them and to experience the magic of high speed internet. I can now download all my songs at a single go, without any disruptions.

The best thing that happened to Show Biz in the last century

Do you know which is the best thing that happened to Show Biz in the last century? If you are still scratching your head, then its called "Disney". Walter.E.Disney, the mind behind Walt Disney cartoons created the cartoon film Mickey Mouse in which he had exposed his talents to everybody around. Planet Crazy, a silent cartoon is where Mickey Mouse made its first appearance. "Steamboat Willie" was the cartoon in which Mickey made its screen debut. It is also famous for being the first fully synchronized sound cartoon ever made and it had its premiere at the Colony Theater in New York on Nov. 18, 1928. 

Walt Disney, the en-visionary he is, had purchase about forty three square miles of land central Florida to build his dream "Walt Disney World" which was opened to public on October 1, 1971. We can't wonder why he has received more than 950 honors and 48 Oscar awards and 7 Emmy awards. Cartoon making was defined and delivered by Walt Disney to all and its because of this en-visionary, our kids are able to have a great time everyday!.

The King of Pop is no more

This is old news actually but the hard fact to digest by us all is that he is no more among us and his death saddened every little fan of him. I am talking about Michael Jackson who passed away recently with very much natural circumstances. With much controversies surrounding his death, the world paid tribute to the actor's birthday very recently by gathering together and dancing and singing to his all time hits. But still, we can't just forget the change in music he brought to the world with his always lively singing and dancing of course. This post is a tribute to the King of Pop!.

Movies are captivating

A picture speaks a thousand words but a cinema speaks many more. Though life involves various stuff to celebrate with, my notion towards movies play a vital role in my life. Hollywood, the word that makes the difference in many people's lives proves no difference in mine. From the godfather to troy or the transformers to stardust the genre does not play a part for me. The sequel that gives the excitement or the cast that increases attraction is sure to captivate a majority of Americans. A potter maniac might find terminator a bit varying, but there are always people to love every genre. The moment of joy when the hero triumphs or the sudden change in a scene altogether as in "The usual suspects" keeps the audience captivated. The moment most of us enter a cinema hall, the whole world becomes dark and a new world of fantasy or that of the scene begins to prevail and till the movie ends or even after it ends. Until movies exist, people like me thrive in it like young cattle on green pastures. Whatever be the end the feeling of undergoing something new or the fact of having something blew out of the head increases the say and thrive to achieve the maximum satisfaction and pleasure.

Entertaining Messages, Inspiring Movies

Some movies are made purely and entirely for entertaining people. Entertaining in the sense, to provide laughter, having them glued onto the screen till "THE END" is displayed with immense tension, drama and action. But, there are some movies which amidst all the entertainment, bring out a message from them. Be it a social message or a personal message, they sure know how to reach out to the audiences' hearts. I name these messages as "Entertaining Messages". Some of the movies that brought messages to mankind are - Schindler's List, Rocky, Benhur, The Ten Commandments, The shawshank Redemption etc. The list would go on and on if I continue now. In fact, the American Film Institute has announced its own list of the "top 100 most inspiring movies of all time which does include the movies I have listed too. So, just in case if you have not watched these inspiring movies, then its high time you catch up these and get inspired for life, the show biz way.

Become a Star in Show Biz !

What does it take to become a star in the Show Biz ? Does it entirely depend upon luck as with most of the actors out there or does it really depend upon hard work and determination?. This question does get diplomatic answers when it is asked to the stars themselves. They define a way of life which most of us wouldn't have even seen in our dreams. At some point in their lives, they are bound to become a star and money comes knocking in to those stars as they sail through the entirely entertaining world. They are welcomed in red carpets, pose for photographs for over an hour, sign autographs for fans, a mere touch with their hands lights up the faces of kids and what not!. Even at a very young age of 19, stars are created overnight. But none the less, everybody starts as an actor and it takes weeks and months of toil to find steady work and only a few achieve recognition as stars. Well- known and experienced actors find supporting roles after sometime. Performers who have previously done plays and drams find it quite easy to do the role in mainstream cinema because they have done acting and dialog delivering previously and they only have to entertain people in cinema. So, do you have it in you to become a star?.

Before Machines

“Before machines the only form of entertainment that people really had was relationships.”
Entertainment is a form of de-stressing oneself. In early days entertainment was just passing time with relationships. But at present entertainment has reached its own heights. If anyone feels bored or doesn’t know how to while away time, then he should know that he has a lot of options, be it going to malls, theaters, operas, surf Internet or even playing games etc. As far as I am concerned, the real form of entertainment is going to some places where real silence can be felt. Silence can make a person feel fresh, healthy and sound in mind. Another form of entertainment can be hearing music which also calms down any person who feels tensed or nervous. Nowadays people rarely have time to relax themselves. They are prone to develop many syndromes such as diabetes, blood pressure etc., Therefore entertainment is a must to make them feel better from work pressure.

Concerts add to the buzz

Concerts are events conducted by celebrities. It is mainly related to music, singing and dance shows. Concerts happen very often in US, the most famous ones being that of music shows conducted by people who create music albums. Concerts create a lot of crowd because music albums are really a big hit in US and people are crazy about the album singers. Also the celebrities make more and fast money out of these concerts. The most famous ones being Michael Jackson, Jeniffer Lopez, Shakira, Back Street Boys, Madonna etc. People even go on for concert tours. Concert tour is something like people go around the country to various parts or even to different countries and perform live shows. This happens for a long time probably for weeks together or even months together.

A lot of revenue is generated through these shows very easily with some amount of advertising involved. Of course a lot of hard work goes behind these shows which include rehearsals, lighting arrangements, marketing, advertising, selling tickets, venue arrangements which all come under the event management but the fruits of the shows are always very sweet and worth it. People just go crazy for shows performed by Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Shakira, Jenifer Lopez, etc. They have been famous not only in US but also globally because of which they get a good crowd when they travel abroad and perform shows.

Capturing entertainment with Camera

The usage of film camera has been declining as we can see from books, advertisements, film camera in stores it would appear that not even ten percent of the camera users continue to use film camera. But as far as I am concerned, this is not true. Though digital camera offers you great quality and also it could be cost saving when it comes to long run. Whereas a traditional film camera still has some advantages for some users because for them they need something which meets their needs.
Those who decide to switch from traditional to digital camera there is not much difference to which they should adjust. Certainly it is the technology which made the difference like, resolution, pixels and the optics. But there are some basic changes which everyone needs to adapt. One of the biggest advantages of having digital camera is it does not run out of power for a long time. But it consumes a lot of energy from the battery, and it is also known to drain batteries very quickly. One of the disadvantages of digital camera is the unique power greedy functions of powering an LCD screen.

Magic with David Blaine

With more and more magicians moving on to street magic, it has become very popular in US. But there is one famous street magician who has become popular not only in the US but worldwide. David Blaine is from US. His magics and illusions have shocked the whole world. He has even broken several world records. Apart from street magic he has also performed several acts which would be dangerous to his own life. These test his endurance. He must be really courageous to do such stunts which could even cause his death. Few of his magics include card games, turning his hand almost 360 degrees, making money out of coffee, guessing what is in people's minds, etc. One more famous act of his is Levitation. Levitation is the act of lifting yourself in the air for a short period of time. He is indeed multi-talented because he doesn't not perform only magic but also does stunts and has broken several records. One of his most famous ones is 'Drowned Alive'.
He created a record for being submerged in water for almost 177 hrs. He did not break the previous record of holding the breath in water for around 8 minutes but he gained fame after this. In another stunt he was sealed in a case for about 44 hrs without any food and was surviving on just water everyday. Another stunt of his was when he was encased in an ice block for almost 63 hrs and it was telecasted live. In another one, he hanged himself upside down for a week. All these are just a handful of examples of his stunts and magic. He has done many more which have been telecasted live and written about in many books. All his acts are available in www.youtube.com which would definitely shock you. So go check them out and have fun.

My favorite movie

“Life or Something like it” is a movie that i saw last week... i would say Life should be something like that. It’s a very simple story which each and every one of us can relate to. The story revolves around a young woman played by Angelina Jolie who is highly career oriented and a practical minded person. And one fine day she hears from a prophet that she has only one week to live. And the movie is all about how her life changes after that. She begins to do things that she actually enjoys, appreciates the small things in life, and has time for every person.

Coming to think about it, we also lead a very mechanical life. Who, these days has the time to enjoy the rain or look at the stars in the sky or take a walk or have a nice talk with your loved ones. We are doing things just because everyone else is doing it and we have to keep up with them. We spend our entire lives in competing and getting the better of other person.

If we know the date of our death we would spend every day doing the stuff that we love doing, which otherwise would seem insignificant in present times..Why not do that even now? Keeping up with fast changing world is important but it is even more important to Live Your Life. I would definitely say “Live one day at a time and live it as if it were your last day”.

Not just humor but entertainment

Humor is one of the most cherished attributes in human. Does humor mean more than just cracking a joke? Or is it something more than that. Even if it is something more than cracking a joke, can it ever be an entertainment? Humor and entertainment are not too closely related terms. Well, the answer to all is “YES”. How is that possible? Read on.

Humor refers to the attribute where one has the funny sense to make people smile or sometimes make them burst out laughing. On the other hand entertainment is about making people enjoy some time forgetting their regular work activities and regular pressures. Entertainment is one industry that does not see a slump in the business even in times of recession as entertainment is something that most people crave to enjoy if not regularly at least occasionally.

How did humor take form as an entertainment? It is due to the rise of a special kind of gifted people called stand up comedians. They are also called as stand up comic or just stand up. There are several stand up comics who have even taken up this form of entertainment as a career option. These people perform predominantly in the restaurants, pubs and sometimes in large concerts. They keep the people hooked to them by their humor and gestures. This is what I called an entertainment with humor.

Music is a treat to all

It is hard to find any real advantages about having music in schools except to make students happy. However, a research had found that, classical music has been shown to improve mental processes. Whereas heavy metal music has been shown to degrade mental processes in an experiment conducted on mice. In that experiment two sets of mice were exposed to music, and then they were tested in mazes. One group was exposed to heavy metal, one group to classical. The group that was exposed to classical music did better, and the group exposed to heavy metal was being the worst performance.

In accordance to the study we could arrive at the conclusion that classical music can help students to remember better. Though classical music has these advantages, it has some disadvantages as well. Whatever the case it may be, it can't stop anyone from getting distracted, be it interesting or irritating. If you like the music, it distracts you from doing your work. Likewise if you don't like the music, you get distracted as well because you don't want to hear it.

From the study about the mice, the comparison of the distraction rate between the classical music and the heavy metal, I would say that distraction is more for the latter. Therefore for those who want to listen to music without getting distracted from the job they do, I would recommend them to listen to classical music.

Sheer "Movie-tainment"

Watching a movie over the weekend is one of the best ways to take a break from the weekly routine! Especially after a tiring week at work, a fun filled movie is really comforting to the mind and body. The advantage of going for a movie is that you can afford to leave your brain behind at home, and yet enjoy the movie! It is a well-deserved break that we get from the ‘real life', as we get transformed into an imaginary world for a couple of hours. Some movies indeed inspire us too, to face the battles that lie ahead of us in the following week with renewed energy.

Movies act as the perfect stress busters because we tend to forget all our worries and we keep all our burdens aside for those 2 hours! For most, a comedy movie would be the ideal breakaway choice whereas some would prefer a slow romantic movie. OF course, the more youthful kind would go for action movies, to chill out and experience some high adrenaline stuff! That's the other point about movies, there are so many different movies, of different genres that one can pick his/her most preferred type of movie and go for it.

There is no compulsion that people are forced to watch something they would not prefer to. The viewers are spoilt for choice when it comes to movies! To summarize, thanks to movies, millions of Americans look forward to their weekend with genuine interest and anticipation. Movies serve as the right energizing tonic, to revitalize them before the next week starts.

Abracadabra- The Magic of Magic

The Purpose of Magic is to amuse and create a feeling of wonder. Be it getting a rabbit from a hat to walking in the air, it completely baffles the audience and creates an urge to know the secret, and whenever you ask the magician about the truth behind the trick, “its all done with smoke and mirrors”, would be their only reply. It takes months or years of preparations and a lot of dedication and passion towards their job. Still, the magician performs a balancing act. He turns something from nothing, something into nothing, something to something else, and something to move somewhere all based on illusions.

When it comes to stage shows, there are a plethora of options and the magic show comes under the best category. The successes of every magic shows are based on two concepts, Audience's perception and the performer's ability. These two gets connected in both expected and unexpected ways, whatever the case may be, it brings fun and joy for the audience in any case.

So if you see a listing or advertisement for a magic show and if it looks intriguing and if the ticket price seems fair then what are you waiting for, get out there and guarantee yourself a great time.

An entertainment of a different format

There are many art forms that have been accepted largely as an entertainment quotient in the minds of the people. To mention a few dancing, magic tricks, theater and musicals. The most difficult yet enjoyable of the many forms of entertainment is the "mime". Mime actually refers to the art of portraying a thought with the help of body motions. This format of entertainment is often referred to as a form of art and it involves enormous efforts by a number of people. The people acting in a mime show are called as mime artist.

Most of the mime artists showcase their talents in the form of a dance or a musical or sometimes with just their expressions. The mime shows could even be oriented towards a theme or a cause. For example I happened to witness a mime show that was close to a street play. The mime artists actually performed on the streets of California. They were performing to promote the cause of military personnel deployed in Iraq. Their whole show lasted just for about five to six minutes but the experience was a memorable one as the artists could get the message across to the audience in that short span of time. And most of all they portrayed the whole cause without uttering a word. Now that is what I call an entertainment with talent.

Cheer-leading – a sport or entertainment ?

While many think cheer-leading makes sports more enjoyable that adds a lot of glamor and excitement to the game. On the contrary there are a few others who hate the very idea of cheer-leading between games or sports. Cheer-leading could be treated as a form of sport or as a form of entertainment. The viewers of a game or sport would love to have great entertainment on field and off field. The off field sporting entertainment is only referred to as cheer-leading. There are rarely any questions about the athleticism of cheerleaders or their performance. Cheerleaders are not distractions to the players but are actually attractions to the viewers. But some people may not agree with my argument. Even I had a huge debate with one of my closest friends regarding this. But he made a valid point saying “Cheer-leading itself a different sport, why include it in other sports. While we continue to debate whether cheer-leading is a sport or not, whether sports needs it or not, we cannot deny the fact that cheer-leading is an art in itself and that cheerleaders work just as hard as "real athletes" do. Cheer-leading takes just as much dedication and skill as any other sport, sometimes it takes more. So long as people understand that there's no harm to the game. It's just part of the game.

Socializing on the web with Facebook - part2

Did you know that Facebook has the option of commenting on photos or quizzes on the Home Page which makes it very user friendly. Even Friend suggestions are sent and shown on the Home Page. Other requests sent by your friend will also be shown. Any friend requests are also shown on the Home Page. Moreover the quizzes that the people have taken and their results are also displayed. This prompts the user also to take up that quiz. Facebook has another feature of Applications. These are mostly games and can be added to the profile. Facebook supports 64 languages. The number of people who are online are also shown. Even gifts can be sent to your friends by paying $1. The web-site acts as a platform between you and your friends.

The above mentioned features are just a few of Facebook's features. It's said that too much of something is not good for the mind and body and this applies to networking too. Since it is getting more and more interesting day by day, youngsters get addicted to this site and even waste a lot of time and money which should be avoided.

Socializing on the web with Facebook - part1

Facebook - a social networking site is a perfect example of a Web 2.0 site. The basic ingredient that makes up a Web 2.0 site is that it has User Generated Content (UGC) which means that it does not have any original content of its own but everything is generated by different users.

Facebook maintains profiles of various people and enables the people to become friends of others by the option of adding them as friends. Moreover it is so transparent in the sense that a friend of yours can view your photos that you have uploaded, can comment on them, check out your friends, write on your wall, check what others have written on your wall, etc. It is this feature which makes it very interesting. As the person logs in, by default, all updates about his/her friends are shown on the home page. On skimming through, one gets an idea on what is going on in his/her friend's life by looking at the changed status message or the uploaded pictures. These are just some of the basic features of Facebook. Advanced features will be discussed on my next post.

Keep yourself entertained with Internet

For people who love taking pictures, looking at them or uploading them - you have Flickr. LinkdIn - a job portal, Twitter, hi5, Orkut are all examples of social networking sites. E-bay is a site meant for e-shopping and Amazon for buying books. Many web-sites are available for downloading movies - eg:- bitTorrent. Then there are forums where people can post queries and get solutions and blogging websites like the e-blogger in which people can write anything and everything that is happening in their life.

The above mentioned websites are just a small chunk of web applications present on the Internet. There are many more which make the people spend time on the Internet almost 24X7. At this point of time, life is unimaginable without the Internet!

Entertainment on the Internet

With the advent of Internet during the 90s, it is seen that more people including youngsters are glued to their systems most of the time. Internet is an interconnection between all the computers in the network. It helps in fast and speedy transfer of data, gathering information, communication, updates, etc.

Internet has turned out to be a major source of entertainment not only for youngsters but also for adults and elderly people. Few years back internet was used only as a source of information and to send messages across through e-mails. The developments like chatting and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) the communication between people has increased enormously. There are many websites that contain User Generated Content called as UGC. The initial form of UGC is the Wikipedia where in people post content on any topic and now it has grown to such an extent that it currently has 13 million users - 3 million who have contributed English articles alone - and is available in many languages. It is said that it has much more reliable content than the encyclopedia - all of which is user generated.

The next one would be Facebook. This is an example of social networking site which is very famous in US and catching up with people around the world. It has various features like writing on wall, uploading pictures, taking up quizzes, sending gifts, playing with the applications - which makes a person completely addicted. YouTube is another example of a Web 2.0 site where in videos are being uploaded at the rate of around 1 every 3 seconds. It has a huge chunk of videos which attract people of all ages. 

The perfect platform for Entertainment

All these attract a huge number of viewers and corporate companies use TV as the best source of marketing their products through advertisements. Some of the major TV shows of US include Prison Break, Heroes, Friends, American Idol, Oprah Winfrey's shows, Small Ville, etc. Some of the all time favorite English movies are Casablanca, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins, etc. Some of the top albums are those of The Beatles, Michael Jackson's albums, Back Street Boys, Spice Girls, etc. So, it is very evident that TV is a perfect platform for watching all these movies and albums.

Though it gives a lot of entertainment, the negative impacts are that youngsters spend more time on TV instead of reading books, studying and socializing with other people. It causes a lot of eye problems and the brain is not that active when you are watching a TV. Anything done or taken in excess is a problem and TV is an example for that.

Entertainment from Television

Television is a major source of Entertainment in today's world. Though Internet has taken up most of the time of the television viewers, there is nothing that can match up to the TV. The fact that audio and visual effects are simply superb on the TV makes it a major source of entertainment.

TV shows include live telecasts of concerts, shows, football matches, cricket matches, US President speeches, etc. It also telecasts up to date news, weather forecasts, debates & discussions, movies, trailers, albums, advertisements, series, documentaries, etc. There are various categories of channels that have emerged with the advent of TV. Few of the channels being news channels which telecast news 24x7 which include BBC and the CNN. And then, there are movie channels, environmental channels like National Geographic, Discovery etc, about Travel & Living, Sports channels like the ESPN, Star Sports etc., music channels such as MTV and VH1 add more value to entertainment.

How do I break into show business? - Part2

Once you analyze yourself and you are confident you must be willing to pack your bags and get started. But a piece of advise here, do not quit your job or even if you quit your job to move to a different place keep working part time to keep yourself financially supported. Do not wait until the time you are broke. Many big actors kept working until they made it big. Find a job which is flexible and doesn't come in the way of your auditions or plan things in such a way that you get to attend at least one audition a day.

Talking about auditions, do not go to the auditions unprepared. Best thing to do is join some classes which offer training in whatever area of Showbiz you want to get into. One of the benefits of joining the classes is that they will help you polish your skills according to the needs of the market you are intending to work in. Further they will help you market yourself better by making your resume work to the modern day requirements. The marketing part is important because you cannot do anything with all the talent you have unless you know how to market your talent and skills. You should be prepared for the interviews and also to give confident answers to the questions. Attend workshops organized by many artists. Be prepared to meet new people and socialize with the people who are in this business. Social networking is very important in this industry for the people to take note of your talents. Make it a point to attend events related to what you are pursuing.

How do I break into show business? - Part1

Many people have the dream of breaking into Show Business one day in their life. While many have the inborn talent to make it big some may have to work hard to polish it. But irrespective of whatever everybody has to plan and take a right approach to get a break in Showbiz. But remember success doesn't come overnight; you have to work hard and even harder to make it big in the Show business. So the first lesson to learn is stay away from agents who promise you to make a big star overnight.

The first and foremost thing to know before entering the Show Business is that you should analyze yourself whether you have it in you to break into Show Business. Somebody can teach you acting but cannot make you an actor unless you have it in you called the desire. Question yourself whether you will be able face the challenges like different work environment, different style of living, new people, new places and many more that might come in your way and the tough competition ahead. A lot depends on how flexible and adaptable you are. If you have a rigid personality then forget about getting a break as this industry demands you to work with people having different kinds of personalities and the possibility of differences creeping in cannot be ruled out.

Best places for partying

The exciting atmosphere, thumping beats and the soft sands under your feet makes you think to party on the beach. When we think about partying on the beach, first thing which comes to our mind is the Anguilla in the Caribbean islands or the Oahu in the Honalulu. But there are some great beaches relatively unknown yet fantabulous with the golden sands, the bright blue skies and with great facilities. Out of which only two out of a lot stays in my mind, and that is Boracay and Tel Aviv.

Boracay – the island of south East Asia is one of the latest hotspots and the best place to have any party. Unlike some crowded beaches, Boracay is relatively unknown and less crowded and that makes it even more enticing. Israel is known for its wealth and Tel Aviv depicts exactly the same. This beach is active throughout the day and also in the night with some great music and some cocktails. For me one of the main reasons for Tel Aviv to be really good is the TLV, the biggest dance club in Israel itself. I can go on and on and on if I am to talk about the beaches. Ultimately, beaches are the best place for partying.  

Showcasing the Show Biz

Lights, Camera, Action! Curtains, Props, actors! Games, Virtual world, Guns! Dance, Music, Hip Hop! Do all these phrases make you think of anything? If you did not make a guess then there is something really messy going in your heads and you need to read this blog to get over it. If you did guess it, then this blog is purely dedicated to such people. This blog is purely about entertainment and nothing more. I think entertainment is what makes lives enjoyable, isn’t it?

Do you think a stress filled day could do no harm if you could catch up your favorite show on TV? Or is that a real big fight with your loved one will not get much messier if you could just relax yourself by playing a game? Are you a person who thinks cheerleaders relax the players and encourage them than anybody else? If all these questions made you break into a wide smile, then this blog is a must for you!

This blog will not promise to be one of its kinds, for I don't believe in words. Just read it and you will experience a new definition for entertainment. I am here to make you live in the world of entertainment through the word of my posts! Are you game for it?!