ShowBiz Spotlight: AleamorX won big at Gran Royale Music Awards!

This week at ShowBiz we are featuring the upcoming musician and artist AleamorX. Ale Amor is her name and she's from East Oakland, CA. She has been doing some great music this season with some fantastic indie music and has been getting all the attention from everyone alike and the attention was so much so that she was called at the Gran Royale Music Awards and won a lot of awards and hence this feature's title that she won big!


She bagged the Narrative Artist and New Indie Star awards. She has been creating a lot of buzz on the indie scene and the awards are the testimonial for this. She is active on Instagram

Talking about the GRM awards event in itself, there are other famous artists who won such as - Rapper Fluid, Kate Magdalena, our favourite Eye'z who we always rave about, Jay Luck, Studeo Shannon, Hughes Sandra, Risser Davire, Avery Anne, Mari Picerno, Arthur Jae and several others!

GRMAS' official website - all the action can be caught over there!