Meet Orget Sadiku: Australia’s best saxophone player

November 2022 - Orget Sadiku is a saxophone player who has recently been making headlines with his talent, and with his ability to excel at a wide variety of styles. Not surprisingly, he has been hailed consistently as one of Australia’s finest musicians, and the best saxophone player on the scene.

 Orget Sadiku is a natural-born entertainer, who isn’t just a great musician, but an all-around great guy who knows how to ensure people have a good time!

There is something truly special about how he can turn music into an experience that people won’t easily forget. The quality of his performances is most definitely not going to let the audience down, especially if they’re interested in a fresh approach to live saxophone, blending timeless charm with innovative ideas. Orget has also released a lot of music on streaming platforms. His releases always feel like an instant classics in the ears and hearts of his audience. He is such a well-versed performer, and his music has a sense of familiarity to it, whilst still providing a hugely innovative twist. The artist is a master at channeling a wide variety of musical influences, but in such a way the the sound never feels like a trite re-composition of some other artist’s music, but rather something quite original, as a labour of love and passion for the music itself. Orget’s saxophone journey began when he was 18. Since then, he continued to refine his craft, and never stopped building on his life-long passion. The artist went on to collaborate with some of the most established singers in his home country, Albania, including legend Frederik Ndoci. He has performed all across Europe, and eventually moved to Australia, where she specializes in Albanian, Italian, English, and Arabic Music alike.


Always ready to greet his audience with a smile and his trusty sax, Orget Sadiku offers so much passion, professionalism and enthusiasm, each step of the way. In the words of Orget himself, “It’s all about the memories” - and if you do choose Orget…you won’t forget! Another thing that makes Orget special is the fact that he works with a huge network of amazingly talented musicians, Violin By Mel, Eddie Saxobeat, Kate Orlova, and more. He is always eager and happy to collaborate with other top talents in the industry in order to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to his audience.

Do not miss out on Orget Sadiku’s recent work. The artist’s music is now available on some of the best digital streaming services, and for someone who is only on the way up, the best is yet to come!

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