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There are days when we think how do those celebrities get accessories that we can't find normally at the stores. There are days when we want to achieve that ShowBiz red carpet look with the right accessories but yet, we just can't find those accessories anywhere!

Fret not, for I just found the answers for exactly such a situation. Accessories that generally don't appear in stores are usually custom made for celebrities according to their specifications and their look and style. BUT, we can get all such accessories online as well! The good news is we don't have to search for such accessories using celebrity names or anything, as I just found the place where we can adorn ourselves in style with incredible street style that have a special air of luxury.

Accessories from wooden framed sunglasses and wooden watches to adorable purses that make a ShowBiz statement are all available at Tunnël Vision7!, which is the fashion accessories destination for things that you can't find at stores. If you look at their Wooden accessories collection, you will understand what I'm talking about! They are very exquisite and are of great quality guaranteed. I personally love the wooden sunglasses as I've never seen something like it ever before and would love to own it! See it below.

Date the Showbiz way with Love Awake

Here at ShowBiz we always feature the best. Today we want to cover the most talked about topic in internet - Dating. When we hear that, the first thing we have in our minds is that it costs money! But that's exactly what we wanted to research and give our readers a service that doesn't cost any money. Love Awake is what we encountered when we started doing this research and we wanted to showcase this in our feature today.

The challenge that most online sites in this service face is the quality of people they have as members. Love awake took care of this to ensure that they have healthy minded people who are open to relationships from around the globe - yes they mean it - around the globe! They have members from UK, Australia, Canada and India! With so many profiles and services like SMS dating and mobile chatting. this is a good amount of services for free.

It is easy to join them anytime and start exploring their services and there's even more. They offer free classes with their exclusive partnership with relationship coaches! So it is not just come in and talk to people, it is aimed to creating a healthy balance between the day to day work and the relationship side of life - for free of cost. They are at and its time to awaken the love!

Film News: Genie Ems Script Reveal

What does it take to become a scriptwriter? We can say it takes a large dose of talent, creative literary intellect, and a great imagination. Genie Ems is a Hollywood actress, novel author, and a scriptwriter. She started acting at the age of 15 and released her first novel Fallen Angel on Barnes and Nobel at the age of 18. Genie Ems has written a variety of different film scripts, one of her comedic scripts has drawn great attention to some well-known movie production companies in Hollywood. We asked her to give us just a peek inside what her script is actually about.

T.L Q: Your comedy script is getting great buzz. Can you give us what genres will this move be?

G.E A: The script is comedy, action, and adventure. 


G.E A: Before I even started writing, I wanted to make a comedy that was fit for everyone to watch. For now, without any changes to it, it is a PG 13 movie. 

T.L Q: Will you be in this film?

G.E A: This movie is about 3 high school boys, so no, I haven't made myself out in it. 

T.L Q: Are there particular locations when it comes to filming? 

G.E A: Some of the locations now in mind would be Paris, Russia, and LA.

T.L Q: Is there a movie budget that is spotting out for?

G.E A: Now we are looking at a 40 to 60 million range.  

T.L Q: Will this script turned movie be that amazing?

G.E A: All I can say is that it will bring great laughs to all.

When this comedy comes out, we can imagine the great results in the box office! 

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Showbiz is all about talent and entertainment

The showbiz industry is one of the reputed business which entertains millions of people across the globe. The artists are the key for success in showbiz industry which motivates artists to perform better. Entertainment is all about understanding the business and delivering the art. Recently I came across a young talented artist Eliz Camacho who is a singer and actress. She is staring in a upcoming new music video Charlie and the New Angels directed by Sincere Williams.

Eliz Camacho is staring in this mini docuseries where she along with few new angels taken on the mob as their mission. The series will feature scenes with Eliz Camacho's music video "Get Loose" and "Unfinished Letter". The series is all about sassy, sexy and sophisticated ladies taking on the mob and the songs from Eliz adds a spark to this series. Charlie and The New Angels start this month and here is a trailer of this series.

Journey of an actor through a short film

Showbiz is a popular business which entertains millions of people across the globe and actors get highly paid for their works. But the process which an actor undergoes is a lot which can't be explained easily. Every profession has lots of learnings and like wise acting is an art which can't be mastered easily. It takes lot of effort and dedication which is the highly used words when it comes to careers. But it is true each and every profession can't be taken lightly; there is effort needed to pull out the skills and deliver during the moment.

Recently I came across a actor Sonny-Joe Flanagan; who has tremendous talent. His debut acting venture is going to kick start with "Echidna". This is short film where he has depicted a role of an actor and portrayed what an actor goes through before he gets the much awaited break. An actors life is never heard until they get their opportunity to speak about it. There are lot of challenges and difficulties which an actor endures during the starting phase of his career. Once he is known for his acting skills then also due to many factors actors fade out. Looking forward to Echidna which would premier on March 13th 2017.