Marko Stout

There are many forms of art around the globe which are fascinating to watch. Art is a composition sheer skill and creativity. Recently I came across “Marko Stout”, who is a popular multimedia artist and film maker from New York. When I went through his career I was shocked to notice that he has completed his graduation in medicine. He developed a passion towards painting and arts while he was in California. He couldn’t resist moving to New York; where he eventually became a part of the city’s emerging art culture.

His artistic view of approach where symbolized with a use of bright colors and dynamic energy of city life. He recently launched “Chelsea Girls” series which was a composition of urban lifestyle amidst female vigor. Take a glimpse of the electronic colors and fabulous brush strokes which has showcased the sensuality of women organically. The series has precisely shown the cultural change in women and use of gadgets.
In a recent report on his his latest work, Marko Stout said "The girls are real. I witness scenarios and then I need to recreate them. We live in a harsh urban environment that can be hard to survive in. I want to highlight these individual's resilience to it."

Gal i Nepal

In showbiz today are going to focus on a comedy film “Gal i Nepal” in Norwegian which translates to “Crazy in Nepal” in English by a Norwegian filmmaker which I caught up in Kickstarter. For people who are unaware of Kickstarter, it is a platform for people who love to express their ideas and desires through film making. Several creative projects have raised funds by Kickstarter.

By the foot of the Himalayas in Nepal there is an area called Mustang. There exists a very peculiar marriage tradition. In this remote area, parents traditionally decide who their children are going to marry. However, a loophole exists in which a boy can kidnap a girl and keep her captive at a neutral family’s home for three days whilst he attempts to convince her that she should marry him instead. If she says no, he has to let her go, but if she agrees, her family cannot oppose her decision and have to accept their new son-in-law into the family.

The Norwegian director Carl-Magnus spent many of his childhood years in Nepal, and is looking to crowdfunding to make a comic film of this unusual tradition. The production will give jobs and money to the Nepalese people, as it will be filmed on their location. If the funding target is achieved, it will also be the first ever successful crowdfunded movie to come out of Norway. It will be a monumental occasion for the nation’s independent filmmakers.

"Knowing" Nile in his final year

Today we are going to focus on the revolutionary Facebook blog "Knowing Nile". It is a factual, frank and humorous account of "Knowing" Nile in his final year. Nile was in London and in life or in Niles words "The Way It Is"

This Blog made such an impact on me because it was the first time I remember the content matter so vivid and sensational. The stories provide a safety net of original humour which guides you into subject matter you would never enter of Mental Health and Niles eventual horrific suicide. Extremely clever and terribly addictive "Knowing Nile" Definitely!!! 

There’s a lot to learn from simply knowing. Prior to reading Knowing Nile, I always viewed video as something only the big guys could do. But now I can see how simple it is to create professionally produced content with only a few pieces of software which shines a bigger torch on the already highly creative Ian Zachary Whittingham.

The best original Blog of the year so far!