Entertainment on the Internet

With the advent of Internet during the 90s, it is seen that more people including youngsters are glued to their systems most of the time. Internet is an interconnection between all the computers in the network. It helps in fast and speedy transfer of data, gathering information, communication, updates, etc.

Internet has turned out to be a major source of entertainment not only for youngsters but also for adults and elderly people. Few years back internet was used only as a source of information and to send messages across through e-mails. The developments like chatting and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) the communication between people has increased enormously. There are many websites that contain User Generated Content called as UGC. The initial form of UGC is the Wikipedia where in people post content on any topic and now it has grown to such an extent that it currently has 13 million users - 3 million who have contributed English articles alone - and is available in many languages. It is said that it has much more reliable content than the encyclopedia - all of which is user generated.

The next one would be Facebook. This is an example of social networking site which is very famous in US and catching up with people around the world. It has various features like writing on wall, uploading pictures, taking up quizzes, sending gifts, playing with the applications - which makes a person completely addicted. YouTube is another example of a Web 2.0 site where in videos are being uploaded at the rate of around 1 every 3 seconds. It has a huge chunk of videos which attract people of all ages. 

The perfect platform for Entertainment

All these attract a huge number of viewers and corporate companies use TV as the best source of marketing their products through advertisements. Some of the major TV shows of US include Prison Break, Heroes, Friends, American Idol, Oprah Winfrey's shows, Small Ville, etc. Some of the all time favorite English movies are Casablanca, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins, etc. Some of the top albums are those of The Beatles, Michael Jackson's albums, Back Street Boys, Spice Girls, etc. So, it is very evident that TV is a perfect platform for watching all these movies and albums.

Though it gives a lot of entertainment, the negative impacts are that youngsters spend more time on TV instead of reading books, studying and socializing with other people. It causes a lot of eye problems and the brain is not that active when you are watching a TV. Anything done or taken in excess is a problem and TV is an example for that.

Entertainment from Television

Television is a major source of Entertainment in today's world. Though Internet has taken up most of the time of the television viewers, there is nothing that can match up to the TV. The fact that audio and visual effects are simply superb on the TV makes it a major source of entertainment.

TV shows include live telecasts of concerts, shows, football matches, cricket matches, US President speeches, etc. It also telecasts up to date news, weather forecasts, debates & discussions, movies, trailers, albums, advertisements, series, documentaries, etc. There are various categories of channels that have emerged with the advent of TV. Few of the channels being news channels which telecast news 24x7 which include BBC and the CNN. And then, there are movie channels, environmental channels like National Geographic, Discovery etc, about Travel & Living, Sports channels like the ESPN, Star Sports etc., music channels such as MTV and VH1 add more value to entertainment.

How do I break into show business? - Part2

Once you analyze yourself and you are confident you must be willing to pack your bags and get started. But a piece of advise here, do not quit your job or even if you quit your job to move to a different place keep working part time to keep yourself financially supported. Do not wait until the time you are broke. Many big actors kept working until they made it big. Find a job which is flexible and doesn't come in the way of your auditions or plan things in such a way that you get to attend at least one audition a day.

Talking about auditions, do not go to the auditions unprepared. Best thing to do is join some classes which offer training in whatever area of Showbiz you want to get into. One of the benefits of joining the classes is that they will help you polish your skills according to the needs of the market you are intending to work in. Further they will help you market yourself better by making your resume work to the modern day requirements. The marketing part is important because you cannot do anything with all the talent you have unless you know how to market your talent and skills. You should be prepared for the interviews and also to give confident answers to the questions. Attend workshops organized by many artists. Be prepared to meet new people and socialize with the people who are in this business. Social networking is very important in this industry for the people to take note of your talents. Make it a point to attend events related to what you are pursuing.

How do I break into show business? - Part1

Many people have the dream of breaking into Show Business one day in their life. While many have the inborn talent to make it big some may have to work hard to polish it. But irrespective of whatever everybody has to plan and take a right approach to get a break in Showbiz. But remember success doesn't come overnight; you have to work hard and even harder to make it big in the Show business. So the first lesson to learn is stay away from agents who promise you to make a big star overnight.

The first and foremost thing to know before entering the Show Business is that you should analyze yourself whether you have it in you to break into Show Business. Somebody can teach you acting but cannot make you an actor unless you have it in you called the desire. Question yourself whether you will be able face the challenges like different work environment, different style of living, new people, new places and many more that might come in your way and the tough competition ahead. A lot depends on how flexible and adaptable you are. If you have a rigid personality then forget about getting a break as this industry demands you to work with people having different kinds of personalities and the possibility of differences creeping in cannot be ruled out.

Best places for partying

The exciting atmosphere, thumping beats and the soft sands under your feet makes you think to party on the beach. When we think about partying on the beach, first thing which comes to our mind is the Anguilla in the Caribbean islands or the Oahu in the Honalulu. But there are some great beaches relatively unknown yet fantabulous with the golden sands, the bright blue skies and with great facilities. Out of which only two out of a lot stays in my mind, and that is Boracay and Tel Aviv.

Boracay – the island of south East Asia is one of the latest hotspots and the best place to have any party. Unlike some crowded beaches, Boracay is relatively unknown and less crowded and that makes it even more enticing. Israel is known for its wealth and Tel Aviv depicts exactly the same. This beach is active throughout the day and also in the night with some great music and some cocktails. For me one of the main reasons for Tel Aviv to be really good is the TLV, the biggest dance club in Israel itself. I can go on and on and on if I am to talk about the beaches. Ultimately, beaches are the best place for partying.  

Showcasing the Show Biz

Lights, Camera, Action! Curtains, Props, actors! Games, Virtual world, Guns! Dance, Music, Hip Hop! Do all these phrases make you think of anything? If you did not make a guess then there is something really messy going in your heads and you need to read this blog to get over it. If you did guess it, then this blog is purely dedicated to such people. This blog is purely about entertainment and nothing more. I think entertainment is what makes lives enjoyable, isn’t it?

Do you think a stress filled day could do no harm if you could catch up your favorite show on TV? Or is that a real big fight with your loved one will not get much messier if you could just relax yourself by playing a game? Are you a person who thinks cheerleaders relax the players and encourage them than anybody else? If all these questions made you break into a wide smile, then this blog is a must for you!

This blog will not promise to be one of its kinds, for I don't believe in words. Just read it and you will experience a new definition for entertainment. I am here to make you live in the world of entertainment through the word of my posts! Are you game for it?!