Best places for partying

The exciting atmosphere, thumping beats and the soft sands under your feet makes you think to party on the beach. When we think about partying on the beach, first thing which comes to our mind is the Anguilla in the Caribbean islands or the Oahu in the Honalulu. But there are some great beaches relatively unknown yet fantabulous with the golden sands, the bright blue skies and with great facilities. Out of which only two out of a lot stays in my mind, and that is Boracay and Tel Aviv.

Boracay – the island of south East Asia is one of the latest hotspots and the best place to have any party. Unlike some crowded beaches, Boracay is relatively unknown and less crowded and that makes it even more enticing. Israel is known for its wealth and Tel Aviv depicts exactly the same. This beach is active throughout the day and also in the night with some great music and some cocktails. For me one of the main reasons for Tel Aviv to be really good is the TLV, the biggest dance club in Israel itself. I can go on and on and on if I am to talk about the beaches. Ultimately, beaches are the best place for partying.  


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