How to have fabulous hair like celebrities

When it comes to Showbiz industry its all about beautiful people. But there many products and services which allows them to sustain their beauty. I always wondered how the women in showbiz industry have a beautiful hair and look. Recently I came across Hair Confidence Inc. who are pioneers in providing hair care products which allows women to have an awesome looking and strong hair. Its always important to take care of hair and beauty by using the right products especially celebrity women have to sustain their looks for increasing their opportunities in the industry. 
The showbiz industry is so competitive but the solution to hair solution is Hair Confidence Inc. products. Their product works on all shades and textures of hairs. It nourishes the hair from the scalp to the hair tips. This not only makes the hair strong but improves the look and feel of your hair. The product improves your blood circulation in your scalp which results in shiny and strong hair. The product helps hair by preventing external damages and maintaining the strength of the hairs. Hair Confidence Inc. is owned by Cherie who is a stylist for 24 years and she created the product after witnessing the scalp concerns of several women. Her products are specially designed to help women regain their beautiful hair and look gorgeous everyday. 

Sleeping - the movie - at Tokyo International Art fair!

"So, how many of you have heard about the Tokyo International Art fair?" I asked this question to my friends group last week and the response was surprising! Only 1 amongst the 9 odd people knew about it - and all these guys boast themselves about knowing it all in entertainment and showbiz industry. I proved them wrong with this question and followed it up by talking about this fair and why it is important for the Showbiz industry as well even though it is an art fair!
Tokyo Landscape. Courtesy: Getty images
So, I thought I should write about in my Show Biz Blog as well so that my readers are encouraged to know what's happening around the globe and most importantly, how Showbiz is becoming artistic.

eoin art work Courtesy: Jay Celat
About the fair - the city of Tokyo will be playing host to hundreds of talented artists from all around the world when it stages the second Tokyo International Art Fair by Global Art Agency (The GAA Ltd) on 13-14 May 2016, that's right, exactly a month from today. Talking about numbers - More than 150 exhibitors.. from over 40 countries... incredible display of art... with more pieces than ever before gathered under one roof for visitors to admire and to buy in the city’s largest Artist showcase of modern and contemporary art.

Now, where does the ShowBiz connection come here you might be wondering. Introducing "Sleeping" the movie. It is an amazing piece of artistic work more than a movie itself. When I had a look at it, I was taken into the intrinsic streets of Japan and the cultural beauty of the place.

A short art film documenting Irish artist Eoin as he works between the contrasting neon cityscape of Tokyo and the lush landscape of Japan. Showcasing the process of his long exposure photography.
It is the perfect piece of work by Eoin at, directed by James Skerritt at and supporting the artists is the producer Jay Celat whom we will talk about more in this article, syncing to perfection is done by composer Paddy Mulcahy.

You can take a look at the wonderful video right here at Showbiz Blog!

"So, after sleeping, what happens next" might be the thought on your mind. Exactly the same thing on my mind happened. So, I followed the producer Jay Celat's website and yes we have an answer to our thought!

At 9th wave gallery, we get to go behind the scenes with his award winning film about 9th Wave Gallery Artist Eoin / ArtByEoin as he paints celebrity Chef Jaime Oliver's new restaurant in London, England. Taking underground street art into a fine art platform. This circles back to next month's 2016 Tokyo international Arts Fair in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.

eoin art work Courtesy: Jay Celat
At the 9th wave gallery, we will get an opportunity to see the sequel to sleeping and get to know what happens next and a pleasant end to the artistic movie. Both - Sleeping and the new movie will be showcased at the 9th wave gallery. I'm really looking forward to it, how about you?! Here's a wonderful art work from Jay Celat.

eoin art work Courtesy: Jay Celat

I'm not angry, just frustrated

The showbiz industry has thrived its stand in business by the talent it has able to produce. With the evolution of technology we are adhering to several ways to showcase ones talents. The so called platform to showcase ones talent is now available with the likes of Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and many other applications. Its easy to shoot a video with the smart phone these days but when it comes to editing is where we need tools which can be handy.
Recently came across a Youtube channel which is starring Matthew Gonzales. He has several video on youtube and his video are hilarious. He is a gifted actor who pulls of a funny video with ease. Recently he launched his comedy short film “I'm not angry, just frustrated" and guess what it was web series which was edited to short film using Viva Video app. I am so anxious to watch them since its really funny to watch him perform. The shocking part of this was the whole filming was done in 2 cell phones. Now thats how talent meets technology which is the trending factor which influences and gives confidence for artists to crack the showbiz industry. The showbiz industry is evolving with these kind of platforms providing artists a way to showcase their talent to the world.