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Be a part of creating the cast of James Bond Movie

Showbiz industry thrives on a high revenue with the quality of entertainment it provides. There are many talented artists who do creative work and make the showbiz industry a profitable one amongst all other businesses. There are many types of entertainment in the showbiz industry but the highly influential and followed entertainment is of course movies. There are many categories of movies which allows viewers to choose their desired movies. There are many movies which has sequels and prequels which are created by analysing the viewers interests. Sometimes series of movies do exist as well which is again created by high viewer interest and one such highly successful yet entertaining to the extreme series is the James Bond.

Also called as 007, the James Bond series is a highly followed series of movies which are depiction of the novel by Ian Fleming. Ian Fleming was famously known for his James Bond novels. In the James Bond movie series, there have been several actors who portrayed the character James Bond with style and substance. The stars including Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and the most recent Daniel Craig playing the Mi6 agent role in the James Bond franchise. There has been 26 years of production so far and it’s a highly reputed movie brand. Who should be the next James Bond? is the question on everyone's mind since its a highly followed movie and the character of James Bond has now become legendary! People love to watch James Bond movies since its full of action, romance, style and gadgets loaded with technology. If you are one among the ardent follower of James Bond 007 movie franchise you can propose the next James Bond and see if your choice becomes the next Bond...James Bond.

Douglas Vermeeren makes an incredible shift for his next film

Here on ShowBiz, we feature the most recent, the latest in the ShowBiz world. We also handpick and feature the most interesting and innovative concepts in movie making and interesting films being made as we talk here.

One such most recent and interesting concept that I learn about this morning is about Douglas Vermeeren. On the heels of wrapping his latest personal development film “How Thoughts Become things”,  director/producer Douglas Vermeeren makes a startling announcement! Read on to know more...

If you don't know whom we are featuring today - it is Douglas Vermeeren who became known as one of the foremost directors and producers in the inspirational and personal development genre with his award winning films - The Opus, The Gratitude Experiment and The Treasure Map. I would suggest to read about personal development genre if you don't know what it means.

Talking about more of his films - they have been translated into more than 23 languages and developed into books featured in just as many languages. But the latest news is, as we began this article, this week he threw a curveball when he announced that his next film will not be an inspirational picture.

At first consideration and understanding, one might think that a simple inspiring narrative film might be the next logical step that Vermeeren might make going by his successes, but the reality is far more surprising. Vermeeren declared on a panel discussion at a recent personal development forum that his next film will be a “Zombie picture.” Talk about generating interest and curiosity!

What is meant by the declaration of a zombie picture has yet to be seen as the details given were less than precise. Some of the revealed points include that the film will be titles “Creepy Zombies.” It will be shot both in Vermeeren’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta Canada and Los Angeles, California. The film will go into production for June of this year and have an expected release date of October 2016.

Vermeeren will be writing the script!

When we probed further about why a shift from personal development is in order to Vermeeren directly, he replied that “this was really my first passion. Not specifically Zombie movies. But fantasy, adventure and narrative stories. This is what I went to school for in the beginning.

ShowBiz went a step ahead and asked if his most recent film will be his last venture into the personal development realm to which Vermeeren replied that he had just finished principle photography on his latest personal development film “How Thoughts Become Things.”

Once that is released he will spend more time on non-documentary filmmaking, but the future was unwritten. There may be more personal development films in the future. So, we at ShowBiz along with the readers of ShowBiz can say our excitement is palpable and looking forward to the film already!

Trump Quotes on a soundboard

ShowBiz people are funny no matter how serious roles they portray. In reality as well, people are generally funny but sometimes the job they do needs them to be serious or look serious on the outside. 

Recently, if you're following the presidential campaign in the US, you'll see a lot of serious and intense debates going on. But people as we know, see it the way they want -  to be funny!

So, someone picked up all the words from various infamous sound bites and created a soundboard where people can pick the ones interactively and play it to have a good fun time! The website is Trump Quotes and you can create your own soundboard and share it with your people and be funny - the natural feeling that we really are.