Where does that Celebrity actually live?

Celebrities are everywhere. From London to Paris to New York, they are pictured everywhere during promotions or even in gossip articles. But how many of us really prove that we are highly addictive fans of the super stars and indeed know every detail of them including where they currently live or used to live or moved from where to where? I would say very less of us (yes that includes me as well).

As for me, I became a huge fan of Orlando Bloom after he was cast in the Pirates of the Caribbean series but I didn't take any effort to know where he is from after the first installment. When I got to know that he is from London, I realized that my assumption of the States was quite wrong. Then on, the Where Does website gives me all information about Celebrities' current homes and I quite surely know Where Does Orlando Bloom Live now. I recommended that to most of my not so Show Biz fan friends off late but then I had totally dumbstruck when one of them told me why don't I write this on my blog, geez it took me back; and so here I am giving you all the most important news about Show Biz and the next time when you want to know Where Does that celebrity actually live, you know where to go.

Of Show Biz Biographies and more

Yesterday, I wanted to relax for a while and hence I chose to read about Biographies of Showbiz personalities and post some facts about them here. First up, it was the Biography of Leonardo DiCaprio. It was interesting and surprising to know that he auditioned at the young age of 14 for roles in commercials and educational films! Also, for a perfect finish for a yet to end Biography, the news that DiCaprio owns a island in Belize was very intriguing but it is a a good thing that he does care for the environment and wants to make it an eco-friendly resort.

Adding more surprises to me, there were categories of Music, Science, Sport, writing(yes the kinds of Robert Frost), I continued on the same website and was quite surprised to know that I not only read biographies about Showbiz/Hollywood personalities but also Biographies of famous people around the globe, famous historic Nobel prize winners and politicians as well! Serena Williams, Che Guevara, Don Imus(How many of us really know who he is?!) and Emily Dickson are on the cover page of the ever increasing Biography Archive - a very comprehensive website that made my day.

Best bet for Hollywood news

Here at Show Biz Blog, it is my hobby and self made interest to get the latest information from around the globe by reading websites and blogs and forums and putting together my blog posts on the latest buzz. So, the other day when I was looking around stuff across the Internet, I stumbled into a website named Hollywood Politics. Interested by the name, I went ahead and utilized all of my time which is actually to read most websites - to just read Hollywood Politics - and also making use of extra time from my regular reading.

From Actors to Media personalities to cross-functional persons in hollywood and in other areas of work - such as the article on Arnold Schwarzenegger which are all briefly written yet very crisp and just tells us what we'd want to know about the star! I myself being a self confessed showcacse information addict, didn't realize that there are so many more people whom I should know of. In that way, Hollywood Politics is an excellent place to all those showcase fans out there who'd like to know who is who - in an easy way.

Horror time - Read about Zombie movies

This weekend, me and my friend decided to sit back on my couch and watch a movie with a different genre and after no further ado we decided to go for a "Zombie" movie. Our next thought was that we wanted a cult classic Zombie movie and not just any other Zombie laded movie. We then turned on the Internet in search of the best one. There were dozens of websites and bloglists which listed all the zombie filled movies ever made but none spoke about the movies in brief or long! We then dug deep and our zombie digging landed at the Zombie Logic - a Zombie Movie Reviews blog.

I couldn't stop admiring the blog. First things - the blog is fantastic and the zombie reviews are just fun to read than depressing because the author adds a comical twist to the sequences before giving out the final judgement if the movie is greatly scary or really crazy. We got to read all the incredibly brief, yet philosophical, comical take and fair reviews of Zombie movies and guess which movie we decided to watch? - The Sentinel. It was all fun and Zombie affair studded day, thanks to Zombie Logic!