The best thing that happened to Show Biz in the last century

Do you know which is the best thing that happened to Show Biz in the last century? If you are still scratching your head, then its called "Disney". Walter.E.Disney, the mind behind Walt Disney cartoons created the cartoon film Mickey Mouse in which he had exposed his talents to everybody around. Planet Crazy, a silent cartoon is where Mickey Mouse made its first appearance. "Steamboat Willie" was the cartoon in which Mickey made its screen debut. It is also famous for being the first fully synchronized sound cartoon ever made and it had its premiere at the Colony Theater in New York on Nov. 18, 1928. 

Walt Disney, the en-visionary he is, had purchase about forty three square miles of land central Florida to build his dream "Walt Disney World" which was opened to public on October 1, 1971. We can't wonder why he has received more than 950 honors and 48 Oscar awards and 7 Emmy awards. Cartoon making was defined and delivered by Walt Disney to all and its because of this en-visionary, our kids are able to have a great time everyday!.

The King of Pop is no more

This is old news actually but the hard fact to digest by us all is that he is no more among us and his death saddened every little fan of him. I am talking about Michael Jackson who passed away recently with very much natural circumstances. With much controversies surrounding his death, the world paid tribute to the actor's birthday very recently by gathering together and dancing and singing to his all time hits. But still, we can't just forget the change in music he brought to the world with his always lively singing and dancing of course. This post is a tribute to the King of Pop!.

Movies are captivating

A picture speaks a thousand words but a cinema speaks many more. Though life involves various stuff to celebrate with, my notion towards movies play a vital role in my life. Hollywood, the word that makes the difference in many people's lives proves no difference in mine. From the godfather to troy or the transformers to stardust the genre does not play a part for me. The sequel that gives the excitement or the cast that increases attraction is sure to captivate a majority of Americans. A potter maniac might find terminator a bit varying, but there are always people to love every genre. The moment of joy when the hero triumphs or the sudden change in a scene altogether as in "The usual suspects" keeps the audience captivated. The moment most of us enter a cinema hall, the whole world becomes dark and a new world of fantasy or that of the scene begins to prevail and till the movie ends or even after it ends. Until movies exist, people like me thrive in it like young cattle on green pastures. Whatever be the end the feeling of undergoing something new or the fact of having something blew out of the head increases the say and thrive to achieve the maximum satisfaction and pleasure.

Entertaining Messages, Inspiring Movies

Some movies are made purely and entirely for entertaining people. Entertaining in the sense, to provide laughter, having them glued onto the screen till "THE END" is displayed with immense tension, drama and action. But, there are some movies which amidst all the entertainment, bring out a message from them. Be it a social message or a personal message, they sure know how to reach out to the audiences' hearts. I name these messages as "Entertaining Messages". Some of the movies that brought messages to mankind are - Schindler's List, Rocky, Benhur, The Ten Commandments, The shawshank Redemption etc. The list would go on and on if I continue now. In fact, the American Film Institute has announced its own list of the "top 100 most inspiring movies of all time which does include the movies I have listed too. So, just in case if you have not watched these inspiring movies, then its high time you catch up these and get inspired for life, the show biz way.