Spotlight: Blind! by Jonathon Goldie

For those who are not regularly following ShowBiz the past few weeks, we've been featuring some amazing artists who are making waves in their music and are having netizens rave about some good music from these artists.

So today we are talking about even better music from Jonathon Goldie in his new album Blind! The album comes with some soothing tracks, some interesting tracks and some hip tracks from this amazing artist based in Vancouver. Prior to the entire album, two tracks were released first "Tundra" and "Fata Morgana". We understand why these tracks were released first - they are different tracks in their own rightful tunes.

Jonathon Goldie performs indie folk-rock music throughout his place of Vancouver British Columbia and is a thorough professional musician. His experience and skills surely show in Blind! the album. Listen to Blind! yourself on apple music and you will understand what we're talking about.

We also explore where albums are available to listen and Blind! is also available on Bandcamp as well as all other major platforms. For social media fans, they can follow Jonathon Goldie on Facebook for keeping up with the amazing artist and also catch up on his next projects and upcoming releases.

Jimmy Merchant calls into Eye'z GRM Presents Podcast

If you're a regular follower of Show Biz blog, you would have seen our spotlight on Eye'z soulful track "Lovely" last month. If you haven't, check it out now!

Singer Eye'z

Since then we at ShowBiz have been ardent followers of Eye'z and recently she hosted GRM Presents Podcast Ep 27 live on Facebook and as she went on in podcast playing her favorite track Lovely, there was someone trying to get the phone number to call in to the show and it was none other than Rock N Roll Hall a Famer Jimmy Merchant and it was an amazing moment for Eye'z herself and we loved it when we saw this!

Jimmy Merchant
It's then figured out that Jimmy Merchant happened to be watching the podcast live on Facebook and wanted to talk to Eye'z. What a day for Eye'z!
Check out the emotions and fun flow on the video below:

For the complete podcast, it is on FCC Free Radio - GPP Episode Almost over this world. ShowBiz continues to follow this Eye'z and we will our take on her achievements!

Spotlight: Vitruvian MAN

Featuring on today's ShowBiz spotlight is one of a kind artist "Vitruvian MAN". Now for those who don't know what Vitruvian MAN actually means - it is the legendary artwork by Leonardo da Vinci that demonstrates proportions of art and Leonardo's attempts to relate man to nature. So Vitruvian MAN is a word that is associated with art already and so it made us easy to choose the new age artist Vitruvian MAN for all the great work he is doing to music and the help he offers to others in terms of writing music, singing or offering background vocal. This pretty much defines who Vitruvian MAN is - he is a producer, lyricist, and medium for great music!

So we spent a good amount of our time watching Vitruvian MAN's latest videos Caviar and Bad Boi Bad Gurl and we were quietly surprised by the unique beats.

Vitruvian MAN is currently working on a new project to support executive producer Brandon Haze Johnson's vision of bringing vocalists and rappers together create some unique free-style music. While we were learning about this - we also were pleasantly surprised that Vitruvian MAN's first album Circus of a Lifetime playlist is now available! We at ShowBiz encourage you all to sit back and listen to some interesting tracks. Here are the videos to enjoy as well!


Bad Boi Bad Gurl

Vitruvian MAN is on google play and apple music as well. 

Seek a partner your way

When the whole world is going in a direction of distancing and finding new ideas to adopt to, we at ShowBiz decided to contribute to it by talking about new initiatives and websites out there to help us.

One of the ways people can find and talk to parts is via online dating websites and we are pleased and excited to write about Brick House Dating which is launching pretty soon and is coming from a reputable company. It will be a matchmaking platform dedicated to helping all those singles out there to seek their choice of partner in their way by taking their own time to use the platform, discuss everything before taking the bold next steps.

With a people friendly vision of connecting every single soul with a soul mate in a friendly and safe environment, this site will be dedicated to best match making! And we've not even arrived at the best part. We are quite excited to say that they are offering 12 months of free and unrestricted access to the entire platform at, for signups that happen now! The site launches June 8th this year and we recommend you sign up right away and enjoy the free access!