Spotlight: Blind! by Jonathon Goldie

For those who are not regularly following ShowBiz the past few weeks, we've been featuring some amazing artists who are making waves in their music and are having netizens rave about some good music from these artists.

So today we are talking about even better music from Jonathon Goldie in his new album Blind! The album comes with some soothing tracks, some interesting tracks and some hip tracks from this amazing artist based in Vancouver. Prior to the entire album, two tracks were released first "Tundra" and "Fata Morgana". We understand why these tracks were released first - they are different tracks in their own rightful tunes.

Jonathon Goldie performs indie folk-rock music throughout his place of Vancouver British Columbia and is a thorough professional musician. His experience and skills surely show in Blind! the album. Listen to Blind! yourself on apple music and you will understand what we're talking about.

We also explore where albums are available to listen and Blind! is also available on Bandcamp as well as all other major platforms. For social media fans, they can follow Jonathon Goldie on Facebook for keeping up with the amazing artist and also catch up on his next projects and upcoming releases.


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