Spotlight: Halasana Girl by Darshae Kiér

After a string of great spotlights, we wanted to do one more spotlight to give a perfect finish to the week. We were looking for a great alternative genre music in pop-reggaeton and after some searching for the best one to feature - we decided on Halasana Girl by Darshae Kiér. Though this track was released on September 27 - it is still as fresh as yesterday.

Summer is coming up shortly and Halasana Girl is the best track to listen to when you're on the way to the beach or even that road trip across the hills. You're my Halasana Girl... is also something you can sing during the daily bathroom singer sessions at home. It is indeed a fresh mix that gives the summer-to-fall vibes. Listen to this sweet singing track Halasana Girl on SoundCloud or on Spotify.

You can listen Halasana girl right here on ShowBiz as well!
Darshae Kiér quite popular on Social media as he has accounts in all the platforms out there, we had a good time learning about this talented artist. Make sure to check out his profiles - Darshae Kiér on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Spotlight: Cherish by Kathy Ingraham

Its early in the day and we were looking for some fresh music to get the day started at ShowBiz, and boy we were truly surprised and exalted when we heard Cherish by Kathy Ingraham. So here we are writing our thoughts down about this track and the artist who gave us a great start to the day!

Kathy is a Singer-songwriter, an experienced vocalist and she has sung on numerous radio and TV commercials for McDonald’s, Chrysler, ABC Network, Coke, Pepsi, and even more.

We learned that Kathy hit her stride as a bonafide indie recording artist in 2014 and has since released several solo projects and singles, working with an impressive roster of artists and composers. She has recently added another soundtrack to her credits with her 60s retro pop rock song “Little Things” being featured in the new Johnny Depp movie, “The Professor.” This to us is cherry on the cake!

Now about Cherish - for a rare thing to happen at ShowBiz - we have been listening to this single all morning. The highlights of the track are from “Reelin In The Years” guitarist Elliott Randall and jazz icon Pete Levin along with Joel Rosenblatt from Spyro Gyra on drums. They have created a unique magic in the song that gives you positive vibes and slowly gets your senses to flow in the energy elements and truly Cherish the time you are living now!

Kathy has her own website where she pens down her thoughts - she's found a follower already in ShowBiz blog! Tune in and listen to Cherish on SoundCloud, or Spotify we're sure you will listen it more than twice!

Spotlight: Insomnia by Oh Well

This week at ShowBiz we are back after taking sometime to watch out for artists who are making a difference out there. Today we are featuring "Oh Well", yes you read that right!

"Oh Well" is a solo Indie Pop EDM project based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Oh Well is famous for their songs on questioning the basics of people with hits such as Forging a False Reality. The Line of everlasting moments perpuating in space and no one's watching who's gonna find out hit us really hard and make us think!

In this article, we wanted to talk about Insomnia, Oh Well's latest EP which is all about - you know - Insomnia - the fights that occur on the mind, the running away from truth, anxiety and everything people experience with the subtleties of the struggle to have a good night's sleep. Particularly the tracks Insomnia and Blindfolds Off shook us up when we heard them!

With gripping music, the videos are much more gripper that they truly resonate the tracks' feelings. Don't believe us? Watch them yourself and for sure you will agree with every line of the tracks!
Now we go sing In the middle of the night can't sleep... Insomnia....
Follow Oh Well on Instagram, hear them on Spotify and all platforms.