Eat the sweet - beat the fat !

FAR from piling on the pounds, a chocolate habit can help keep you slim, new research suggests.

Just in time for Easter, scientists have announced the discovery every chocolate lover has been waiting for.

A study found that, despite boosting calorie intake, regular chocolate consumption is related to lower body mass index (BMI).

The effect is modest but greater than can be explained by chance, said the US researchers who took account of influencing factors such as overall fat consumption and exercise.

BMI relates height and weight and is the standard measurement used to assess levels of obesity.

The news emerged after scientists screened a group of 972 men and women with an average age of 57 for a study of statins – cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Among other diet and lifestyle questions, participants were asked: “How many times a week do you consume chocolate?”

Chocolate is known to contain plant chemicals called polyphenols that combat heart disease and may influence metabolism.

The researchers suspected they might, to some extent, off-set the unwelcome effects of high saturated fat levels in chocolate bars and sweets.

The results showed that chocolate was not only “calorie neutral” but actually appeared to make people slimmer.

Participants who ate chocolate on more days of the week than average were statistically likely to have a lower BMI than those who did not.

“This was despite the fact that people who ate more chocolate did not consume fewer calories overall or take more exercise.

Less with Wireless

We are living in a sophisticated infrastructure where we are able to get everything easily. Since the evolution of highly advanced infrastructure, we have to adapt to the latest technologies. The latest technologies have eradicated many old technologies like Wireless Technologies are preferred when compared with wired.

It's a general fact that the wireless is very easy when compared to wired technologies. Wired Technologies generally tend to involve lot of time while installation and it is not very user friendly when compared to the wireless technologies. The wireless technologies are very easy to use and the connections are not that complex. Any user can easily adapt to wireless technologies. There are many devices which uses wireless technology. And for communication purposes also we use wireless technologies like wireless intercom. A wireless intercom helps in easy communication within certain specified distance.

Most basic intercom systems come with a handy handset or a headset. It is widely used for communications within an office or home. The wireless intercom is very famous because it saves lot of money in addition to providing on the no hassle of running wires throughout the place.

The best innnovative product of wireless communications are the intercoms - which are mostly two way and hence, they eliminate the need for one to finish talking and then letting the other persons talk. Organizational and Celeb securities use it for communicating between their forces whenever there's a need. This also includes the outside intercom which is mainly used for communicating over quite a few distances.

For those celebrity folks who are in dire need of security can install one of those latest wireless door intercoms which can be used to talk to the visitors waiting outside your door without the need to open up the door. Cut the wire - go less with wireless!

Entertaining doorbells

Doorbells are of many types and wireless doorbells are the latest craze among consumers around the globe in various countries. These wireless doorbells are easy to use and there are wide variety available in the market with great look combined with superior quality and various sound.
Some of the types of sound in doorbells are classictown hall bell, knocking at an old wooden door, low frequency tune for the hearing impaired, asian tunes, etc. These types of melodies and chimes can be assigned to individual bell pushes for different locations. In some doorbells there are indicators for low battery level and indicate when any visitor comes. There are many advanced wireless doorbells which have volume control and also a separate coding system which helps in reducing any disturbances from other nearby wireless equipments.
Many types of wireless door chime are now available in the market which are very melodious and pleasing to hear. It is very difficult to choose from the wide ranges of wireless door chime as most of them are very appealing. But we have to consider the cost and the utility of wireless doorbells before selecting one. Nowadays wireless doorbells are available for hearing impaired also. Even there are bells for aged person to suit their hearing needs.
A wireless doorbell depends on the location it is used to be effective. Like-wise wireless doorbells with maximum ranges depend on conditions with minimum interference from other electronic equipments. Wireless range is usually affected by some objects such as walls, trees, etc. There are long range wireless doorbell which can operate even in a place where there is lot of wireless interference. This is suitable for big business establishments with big buildings.
And now a weatherproof wireless doorbell extender is also available. This is installed to increase the frequency of the existing wireless doorbell without the assistance of a separate receiver.

Be fit & Stylish with your own gymnasium

There are lots of gymnastics equipment in the market and recent sports persons have a wide range and varieties to choose. Basically gymnastics are taught to children at a very young age when their body structure is more flexible. The very first lesson at the time of initiation is done in balance beams. Balance beams are the primary gymnastic equipment which are learnt by a sportsman.

Balance beams are the first equipment used by young gymnastics. There are many types of balance beams such as low balance beam, high balance beam and adjustable balance beams. Low balance beams are used for small children which are of less height so that the children do not get hurt even when they fall from it. This is very safe especially when used by landing mats exclusively available for gymnastics.

High balance beams are used at later stages in gymnastic lessons when the person is more trained in the sport. Because if they land hard they may get themselves hurt. High balance beams are to be used strictly under the supervision and guidance of a trained personnel to avoid injury. Adjustable balance beams are those which are flexible and can be adjusted according to one's needs. During a practice session it can be adjusted in a low height and during competition they can be raised to the desired height. There are foldable balance beams also which can be folded while transporting and storing them. All these various types of balance beams are fixed to balance beam braces which are of various heights. These beam braces are also of fixed and adjustable types.

Another piece of gymnastic equipment which are very much in use are horizontal bars. There are two types in a horizontal bar, one is of fixed height and stationary in nature and the other is of adjustable type. The height can be adjusted to suit one's requirement in adjustable type.

Stylish Medical Scrubs

Nursing and medical scrubs refers to medical uniforms and nursing uniforms both for men and women which are available in the market in wide ranges. There are lot of companies in the market whom are engaged in manufacture of medical scrubs. The most popular brand available in the market is Peaches dresses.

Peaches Dresses are very unique and they are the leaders in nursing and medical scrubs fashions. Their dresses are different from the traditional colors of medical and nursing uniforms. Instead, Peaches dresses are available in bright color with attractive prints which adds life to the uniforms and scrubs. Moreover they add new varieties in their products every month with cheerful prints. This enables the consumers to get their favorite choice of dresses at one place which satisfies their desires and needs.

Peaches scrubs are preferred by many hospitals and nursing homes which are of high quality with many varieties and colors and they are known for their durability as well. Peaches scrubs are of many types such as solid tops, print tops, tee shirts, pants, lab coats, skirts, etc.
For example in lab coat they have many types like long sleeve, professional, etc. in many colors. Uniforms and scrubs both for men and women which are different from traditional dull colors adds life to their work. And the patients also feel rejuvenated and their recovery is also faster as they feel at home in the hospital environment when they see the hospital staff in appealing and attractive uniforms in cheerful prints. Peaches dresses have created history in uniforms and scrubs by their bold and beautiful varieties and ranges of medical scrubs.
More and more people around the world are resorting to Peaches dresses which are more lively and trend setters in medical scrubs. Even though there are lot of brands available in the market Peaches dresses are considered as the leaders in medical scrubs.