Entertaining doorbells

Doorbells are of many types and wireless doorbells are the latest craze among consumers around the globe in various countries. These wireless doorbells are easy to use and there are wide variety available in the market with great look combined with superior quality and various sound.
Some of the types of sound in doorbells are classictown hall bell, knocking at an old wooden door, low frequency tune for the hearing impaired, asian tunes, etc. These types of melodies and chimes can be assigned to individual bell pushes for different locations. In some doorbells there are indicators for low battery level and indicate when any visitor comes. There are many advanced wireless doorbells which have volume control and also a separate coding system which helps in reducing any disturbances from other nearby wireless equipments.
Many types of wireless door chime are now available in the market which are very melodious and pleasing to hear. It is very difficult to choose from the wide ranges of wireless door chime as most of them are very appealing. But we have to consider the cost and the utility of wireless doorbells before selecting one. Nowadays wireless doorbells are available for hearing impaired also. Even there are bells for aged person to suit their hearing needs.
A wireless doorbell depends on the location it is used to be effective. Like-wise wireless doorbells with maximum ranges depend on conditions with minimum interference from other electronic equipments. Wireless range is usually affected by some objects such as walls, trees, etc. There are long range wireless doorbell which can operate even in a place where there is lot of wireless interference. This is suitable for big business establishments with big buildings.
And now a weatherproof wireless doorbell extender is also available. This is installed to increase the frequency of the existing wireless doorbell without the assistance of a separate receiver.


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Doorbells are one of the major necessities of every house, office or apartment. Nowadays, you will huge collections of bells in the market. The door knockers are generally available in the market along with two categories like wired and wireless. Doorbellsdirect.com have a wide collection of door knockers along with multiple functionality.

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