Australia based parents, here's what you can do during school holidays!

 Here's to all the ShowBiz followers in Australia who are parents, here's some great news for you! We at ShowBiz have been working on getting more lifestyle related ideas and suggestions to everyone so that all the struggle we have been through being at home with kids during the pandemic are for good reasons, there are still possibilities for parents to find experiences for their kids, especially during the school holiday season.

We know... the dreaded time of school holidays when your kid is at home all day and wants to do something outdoors but your work doesn't allow a vacation, yet. This is even more relevant at this pandemic situation where there's not much to do as well. This is exactly what have set out to do and have created a comprehensive website for.

Website of school holidays australia

A plethora of activities are listed and they could be seen according to the state you are in, which is the initial selection when you goto school holidays australia website - ranging from from cooking competition, dance classes, acting classes to solving puzzles in an escape room and more! So, all the parents in Australia, check them out and ensure your children are engaged during the next school holidays seasons so that you get your peace of mind to focus on your work or yourself whilst the kids are out there having a great time themselves.