King Tatie: A King & Her Krown Tour

King Tatie is a 16 year old rapper/singer who started out in England where she lived with her Zimbabwean parents. Her legal name is Tatiana Chipondaminga, and she is extremely talented in the performing arts, especially rapping, singing and songwriting. In fact, when she participated in The World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, she came away with a handful of medals and baskets full of praises.

Soon after her Los Angeles win, she released her first single, “This Is How We Do It,” which catapulted her on to a promotional tour. That brought her to Africa, where she was recognized as a major talent. Two exceptional shows that made King Tatie stand out and gained her a lot of respect as a young female MC whilst in Zimbabwe, were her performances at the Miss Harare Junior Pageant and at the Ice Prince concert. King Tatie’s performance at the Miss Harare Junior Pageant - which was held at the Pandhari Hotel - caused a positive uproar amongst the crowd of over 2,000 people watching, so much so, that her performance was all of the talk on Zimbabwe’s 3 major radio stations – ZiFM Stereo, StarFM, and PowerFM. Using the positive feedback and appraisal from her performance at the pageant, King Tatie used that as further motivation to make sure her next show would be even better, thus she brought the ultimate heat to her next performance at the Borrowdale Racecourse, where she was sought out by the director and promoter of the show to be an opening act for rapper Ice Prince, winner of Best International Act at the BET Awards 2013, and MTV and MOBO Awards nominee. King Tatie performed her promotional single, “This Is How We Do It”, as well as performing an exclusive track from her upcoming Extended Play (A King and Her Krown EP) titled “Coast to Coast” for her eager audience. She truly rocked the crowd all the way from the front crowd to the nosebleed seats of the outdoor arena. You could also see the adoration for her supporters, as she smiled and talked to the crowd in between songs, and at one point, actually came off the stage to intimately interact with her fellow fans, who later on bombarded the songstress with requests of photos, autographs, song plays on the 3 radio stations, and features from other rappers who were in attendance at the concert.
King Tatie for Show Biz Blog

Success follows success is the old saying and it seems to be true in the career of King Tatie. Her promotional tour was received so warmly, and resulted in King Tatie gaining a huge fan base in Africa. This young woman has her eyes, mind and whole being set on being a successful artist in the music business. Everywhere she goes, people want to meet her and they especially want to hear her beautiful words and meaningful lyrics that she writes. She’s been inspired by the best and most well known musicians in the industry: Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Michael Jackson and Rihanna. We’re sure that one day soon when she’s walking out the backstage door with Beyonce and Rihanna, people will be coming up to her asking for an autograph and telling her how much she has inspired them. But for now, it seems like King Tatie is on the right track towards what promises to be a bright future and career ahead of her.

Brazil’s Rafaela Salvadori - An actress of many skills

Rafaela Salvadori is a fantastic actress with a plethora of other skills.  The talent is absolutely fascinating, for it’s pure, it can be elegant, it can be very raw, funny and deep. It’s filled with sexuality, sensuality with a great humor about it all. You look at her and you find a warm, provocative, natural, very pretty and sweet woman. She sings, dances, speaks five languages, enjoys yoga, paddle boarding, and has multiple degrees.  She is definitely a force to be reckoned with and she is shining high.  She has had a lot of experience over the years and is continuing to work hard.  Originally from a small town in Brazil, Rafaela began dancing, which quickly developed into a love of performing for an audience and on camera.  She didn’t come from an artistic family but she is a fighter and she is living the dream.
Rafaela has an impressive resume to say the least.  She has taken many acting classes and workshops.  She studied ballet for eight years and is also skilled at Jazz, Modern, and Egyptian dance.  Rafaela also has several degrees including a degree in Foreign Affairs and Environmental Issues from Brazil, a Masters in International Business from Paris, and a fashion degree from New York’s Parsons School for Design.  In addition, she has taken a full-time Conservatory Program at the Atlantic Acting School in New York to further her skills in acting.  Her driven nature and natural talent have taken her far.  She has already starred in multiple leading roles.

Rafaela has been in two films featured at the Marche Du Film Cannes International Film Festival in 2015.  These two films were Moo Moo and The Three Witches and Simply Sandra, with Red Horizon Entertainment.  She has also been in films such as I Don’t Want to Know, Welkome Home by the acclaimed Russian Director Angelina Nikonova, The Machine, Drifters, and Men Are Dogs.  But it doesn’t end there!  She also has upcoming works that will begin filming in the near future.  She will be acting in a feature film with Feed Our Souls Production Company and with Red Horizon Entertainment. #RafaelaSalvadori is a woman with many talents and a very strong will.  She will continue to astound and amaze the film industry as she pursues her career in acting with confidence, grace and style.  

Marketing techniques in Showbiz

The showbiz is all about entertaining the world with spectacular works but we tend to forget the key source. It’s none other than marketing agencies who organize events which links media and showbiz artists. Marketing is the key aspect of any organization and when it comes to reaching large number of audiences’ event management play a pivotal role. Marketing agencies have different ways to promote a product or service but when it comes to Showbiz world they have to plan well in advance with respect to the markets. There are many forms of marketing techniques but it may vary with respect to the production since Showbiz is a huge industry.
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What's buzzing in the showbiz world ?

Showbiz industry is amongst the top ranked professions around the globe. The factor which influences many artists to perform at this big stage is sheer hard work and dedication. Showbiz has seen a large number of young artists and legends who have stayed in this for long by their consistent performances. But when it comes to the link between the celebrities and fans media play a key role. Media keeps track of the celebrities lives up to date which paves way for large number of fan following. The celebrity list consists of top artists, actors, producers, directors and so on in the showbiz world.  
Celebrity buzz is created by a large number of celebrity rumors and gossips which is one of the ways to express news in an entertaining manner and real stories too. Celebrity gossips are always popular among public since it gives them some interest, drama and comical approach to what happens in the showbiz world. With social media now fans can easily connect with their favorite celebrity. A celebrity life can’t be an open book when they share it from their side because it could be misleading at sometimes. Checkout to keep you updated with the showbiz industry. They take privilege in providing latest news which helps fans across the globe stay connected despite boundaries. 

The extensive work of talented British actor and performer Stanley J. Browne

Stanley J. Browne’s experience in the acting world is extensive to say the least. His works include starring roles in several short films including His Fathers Son and Roxanne, and leading roles in both Rough Cut, as the diamond investigator Carter Jefferson, and a Jamaican gangster in Meet Pursuit Delange. He was in feature films including Mission Impossible, The Affair, and Final Passage. Stanley has also been in several well-known British TV dramas such as East Enders, Birds of a Feather, The Bill, London’s Burning, and several others.

These many feats are but a few of what Stanley has accomplished in his life. His accomplishments are a clear display of the efforts that he has put into his career. Ever since he began acting at the age of seven, he has enjoyed every minute of it. He has been inspired by many actors such as Denzel Washington and Robert De Niro. Stanley’s talent has been fueled by his ambition to follow in the steps of his heroes and achieve his own greatness.
Stanley J. Browne

Stanley studied at the Anna Scher Theatre in London as a teenager and then studied classical acting at the Mountview Classical Acting Academy later in life. His perseverance in acting does not go unnoticed. He is notably recognized for his extraordinary talents and the challenges he pushes himself to overcome. Stanley said that he hopes to expand his career, to act in ways and roles he has never dreamed of. He feels that he has yet to reach his full potential and he cannot wait to see what else the acting world has in store for him.

The truly amazing and admirable work of Filmmaker Velvet Ntatsopoulou

Velvet Ntatsopoulou is an amazingly talented filmmaker who began her work behind the camera at the young age of fifteen. Velvet began her interest in filmmaking because of her love of films. She was inspired by the works of Bertolucci, Truffaut, and David Lynch. Velvet watched every film that she could get her hands on. She took courses at her college in film studies and landed her first job with Anisma Films and Black Coral Production.

During her time with Anisma Films and Black Coral Production, Velvet worked with iconic directors and producers. Her experience with those individuals has helped shape her craft as a filmmaker. Her skills are extraordinary and she has worked on some amazing films. Her latest project is a collaboration with Raymond Chu, the founder of Lofty Entertainment. This short film that Velvet produced brings to life the New York Times Article “36 Questions That Lead to Love” and explores the possibility of love among strangers.

In the future, Velvet will be working on a revolutionary documentary entitled Kids Love Charity. This documentary opens the eyes of adults to the love that is taught by children. This film is depicted in animated re-enactments of stories about children’s love lives. With this documentary, she will be able to help adults learn the valuable lessons in love that children are learning. Velvet describes this work as a film for children to express their truest selves, uncensored, and unguided as they speak from the heart. Also coming up are productions through freeze production company in Athens and the projects Love in between and Midnight.
Velvet’s talents far exceed what can be described, the best way to truly grasp her amazing talent is to watch her work.