The truly amazing and admirable work of Filmmaker Velvet Ntatsopoulou

Velvet Ntatsopoulou is an amazingly talented filmmaker who began her work behind the camera at the young age of fifteen. Velvet began her interest in filmmaking because of her love of films. She was inspired by the works of Bertolucci, Truffaut, and David Lynch. Velvet watched every film that she could get her hands on. She took courses at her college in film studies and landed her first job with Anisma Films and Black Coral Production.

During her time with Anisma Films and Black Coral Production, Velvet worked with iconic directors and producers. Her experience with those individuals has helped shape her craft as a filmmaker. Her skills are extraordinary and she has worked on some amazing films. Her latest project is a collaboration with Raymond Chu, the founder of Lofty Entertainment. This short film that Velvet produced brings to life the New York Times Article “36 Questions That Lead to Love” and explores the possibility of love among strangers.

In the future, Velvet will be working on a revolutionary documentary entitled Kids Love Charity. This documentary opens the eyes of adults to the love that is taught by children. This film is depicted in animated re-enactments of stories about children’s love lives. With this documentary, she will be able to help adults learn the valuable lessons in love that children are learning. Velvet describes this work as a film for children to express their truest selves, uncensored, and unguided as they speak from the heart. Also coming up are productions through freeze production company in Athens and the projects Love in between and Midnight.
Velvet’s talents far exceed what can be described, the best way to truly grasp her amazing talent is to watch her work.


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