Showbiz spotlight: Music Artist “SKG” Attends the “Equal Justice Now Awards” hosted by Attorney Ben Crump and Comedian Loni Love

Hip Hop Artist “SKG” ( Helecia Choyce ) attended the 2nd Annual Attorney Benjamin Crump Equal Justice Now Awards. Honoring activist like Reverend Jessie Jackson, Roland Martin, Angela Rye and Actor and Director Marion Van Peebles and many more.

The Award Ceremony was held at the Marriott LAX hotel and hosted by comedian and the Real Daytime co host “ Loni Love”. SKG said her highlight moments included meeting “Reverend Jessie Jackson and being able to witness such greatness in one room. Some more amazing pictures from the event.

SKG attended the ceremony with her son, rapper DRXBL ( Yuseff Choyce ) and her manager - Marlon Friend , from Purple Heart Management.

Equal Justice Now is a nonprofit social welfare organization that advocates against false arrest, unreasonable detention, wrongful conviction, and incarceration of citizens. The awards ceremony honored the impact of trailblazers from directors in film and government to community and social philanthropy.

Benjamin Crump is the founder of the firm Ben Crump Law of Tallahassee, Florida which specializes in civil rights and catastrophic personal injury cases such as wrongful death lawsuits. His practice has had its hand in civil rights cases such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd, as well as the people affected by the Flint water crisis and the plaintiffs behind the 2019 Johnson & Johnson baby powder lawsuit. 

 Here's SKG vlog recap video:

ShowBiz showcase: Nominations still open for 2022 my music block tv awards!

This past April on ShowBiz blog, we covered the opening of nominations for the famous my music block tv awards which will be in its 5th annual event this year!

Quick refresher: The my music block tv award honors FINE Artists across the world who lead their community to prestige, excellence & greatness. The 5th annual My music Block TV Awards will take Place August 6th in Oakland California Celebrating the finest in the community. If you missed our previous article detailing this, here's the article to refresh yourself before you continue, here - My music awards 2022 open for nomination

As the awards are almost here, we wanted to spend sometime this week and look at the list of fabulous nominees of the award and talk about the amazing performers that they are. This past week the nominees were listed and they all had something special to say and perform. This entire event was shot on video and look no further, we got it covered right on ShowBiz blog! So what are you waiting for? Grab those popcorns and see the video and tell us what do you think about the nominees and guess who will win this year?

Don't miss the special note from our favourite singer Eye'z towards the end of the video!

Great mentions at this nominations event are Eazy500Beatz, Neshele Renee, and Queen PKE who performed and rapper kaotic made an appearance as well! 

If you're wondering who all the nominees are for this prestigious award - here's the list of all nominees so far:
Chioke Dmachi,

Here are some amazing and proud nominees from the event. Find out who is who?

Guess the most exciting part? The nominations are STILL open for the 5th annual my music block tv awards! So what are you waiting for, go ahead and nominate your favourite artist(s) to this award and see them shine! Full information about the awards and more, you can check out or simply email them at

ShowBiz spotlight: Singer Eye'z attends premiere of movie 'Finders Keepers'

This week on ShowBiz blog, we are turning our beloved spotlight on one of our favorite artists - yes, you guessed it right from the title - Singer, song writer and famous celebrity - Singer Eye'z. Earlier this week, she was spotted attending the premiere of the thriller movie 'Finders Keepers'.

Now we all know how much of a social and active person Eye'z is. She does not spend any time without excitement in it. When at the premiere, she took time to make a vlog at the venue and speak about her experience at the movie theatre and whom she met and how much of a fun she had while at the premiere. She took time to meet the producers of the movie, some of the assistants who had worked in the movie, all the actors and actresses who were there at the premiere and interestingly, that she loved the ending of the movie, and finally with a lot of candidness, she had free popcorn and absolutely had a great time at the movie! 

Some cool snaps from the event with d.a. griffinstein and viral comedian star in Tik Tok - Bud Burtlow and David Clieck! 

The best part of the premiere, according to Eye'z, is that plot of the movie Finders Keepers takes place in Richmond, CA and when you see the video below, you can notice the absolute excitement when Eye'z talks about this. Watch out towards the end of the vlog when she's joined by another star

More action and updates from Eye'z can be caught live from her - Instagram -

ShowBiz spotlight: Rap artist Jack Frost

This week on ShowBiz blog, we turn the spotlight to a rap artist who is making waves wherever he performs. Let us tell you that he has performed at various venues in USA and Europe such as Austin, Colorado and Kaiserslautern, Germany. 

As the title of this article already says, Jack Frost is whom we are talking about and spotlighting today. He is an American rapper and hip-hop artist emanating from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Bringing his versatile style to life, he is known for the album “The King, The Knight and The Demon” and the reputable unpolished projects, “The Cold Front” and “Aggression Disorder”. 

Jack is not your run of the mill rap artist, he is a steadily evolving artist who is always looking to broaden and refine his already dynamic mastery over rap over the years. He says he is inspired by diverse genres and influenced by the ever popular rap stars including DMX, Nas, Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem. 

Jack Frost is currently busy working on his upcoming full-length album entitled, "Bottom Floor" and the EP, "6die". Now if you ask us which one is our favorite song amongst his hits, it is really a tough one. We would go by "Brighter Days" as the song brings hope and power to us when you listen to it. As Jack Frost says "Dont live in the past. Remember but never forget. Move on to the Brighter days".

Watch the song below and our guarantee that you will instantly like it!

Jack Frost is also on instagram at and all his hits can be heard in Jack Frost spotify.  

Showbiz spotlight: Lifetime producer Vivica A. Fox and Camille Calvin spotted together

This weekend on Showbiz, we are turning our spotlight on none other than the most successful black woman in Hollywood - Vivica A. Fox. Now, if you are one of those rare persons out there who does not know who she is, this introduction is just for you. Vivica A. Fox has starred in legendary hollywood movies such as "Kill Bill: Volume 1", "Kill Bill: Volume 2", "Independence Day" and "Kingdom Come.” She's in the hollywood business since 1983 - much before the times most of our blog's readers were even born! 

On top of all this, she is also a supporter of women's empowerment and has been a part of many campaigns to promote female entrepreneurship - now being a producer, she walks the talk you can say! Now who else are we focusing on today along with Vivica A. Fox. 

Earlier this month, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Vivica A. Fox was seen with Camille Calvin at the Pink Pump Affairs. Here goes another introduction - Camille Calvin is a multitalented actress and a new comer to the industry who has proven her abilities through her versatile roles in numerous films and T.V shows. She played the leading role in the cheer movie, Deadly Cheers, released on lifetime in Jan 2022 and already has a huge fan following, including us at Showbiz blog! 

On the same lines, Vivica A. Fox has produced many cheer films for lifetime and now again has worked as the executive director of six new cheers films, including “The wrong cheer Captain,” “Killer Cheer,” “Pom Poms and Payback,” “Deadly Cheers,” “Cheer for Your Life,” and “Webcam Cheerleaders.” Let's talk about "Deadly Cheers" a bit and how enthralling of a performance Camille Calvin had put up in this movie. She plays the role of Brianna in the Deadly Cheers movie, a single mom who is excited to be the new assistant principal of the High School in the film. Things get worse when a cheerleader accidentally dies, and then the coach wants to save his reputation even by sacrificing all the other cheerleaders - leading up to a dramatic and suspenseful film having us in nail-biting moments throughout the movie. 

Vivica A. Fox and Camille Calvin at The Pink Pump Affairs

What is the The Pink Pump Affairs and what were these amazing women doing there? 
They both attended the pink pump affairs to support the event and as Vivica A. Fox's most important campaigns - she was there to boost women’s empowerment. A pink pump affair is an event that has taken place in Los Angeles every year for the last fourteen years. It is a gathering of influencers and women entrepreneurs who are invited to attend the event for the purpose of empowering women and promoting gender equality.  The Pink Pump Affair aims to create a space where women can come together and share their stories, struggles, and success stories with one another. 

What's next with Vivica A. Fox and Camille Calvin?
So with so much that would have been discussed at the event, we never know when these two strong women come together they might just be looking to have a fantastic and successful collaboration in the future - a cheer movie? a totally new genre movie? we are hooked into this spotlight and can't wait!

ShowBiz Showcase: Monaco Streaming Film Festival to honour ‘NO TIME TO DIE’ with the Best Film Award

Once again, we at ShowBiz blog are showcasing yet another exciting news coming from the Monaco Streaming Festival, which we are actively following since the past week. The second edition of the Monaco Streaming Film Festival (MCSFF), will take place from 31st May until 3rd June 2022!

This edition is held in conjunction with major Hollywood streaming studios and Reg Grundy Media and will take place from at the Grimaldi Forum, following the Cannes Film Festival. So if you are already at this place, don’t go away quickly because something very interesting is planned to take place at Monaco!

Industry leaders and talent will descend on the glamorous principality of Monaco, the festival’s home-base, to partake in four dynamic days of premieres, VIP receptions, marketplace exhibition, conference talks and a glamorous Gala Awards night.

The talented producer Barbara Broccoli will be amongst the distinguished guests at the event, attending the event by videoconference. Now if you don’t know her, she is the brilliant producer who produced the James Bond saga during the Daniel Craig era! It is thanks to her unparalleled instincts that the best-known secret agent on the silver screen has managed to win over the world, once again. This is why Barbara Broccoli, known as "The Guardian of the Temple" because of her fervent defence of the franchise, has become a key name in film production over the years.

The best film award at the event has already been announced! It is none other than the iconic bond movie of 2021 - "No Time To Die", and we are sure it must have been an easy choice given the grandeur and masterpiece of a movie this was. A very special way for the festival to pay tribute to one of the most beloved 007 agents. And to say goodbye to him, too.

Christian Moore - one of the festival directors

In "No Time To Die", Daniel Craig bids farewell to the legendary role of James Bond with style and panache. His azure blue eyes more determined than ever, he leaves behind his licence to kill, and walks away without looking back. Considered by many to be a public and critical success, the film directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga brilliantly closes a saga that has completely renewed the genre. And this was not an easy task, as the elegant work of Her Majesty's former agents had left its mark on the minds of spectators around the world. From Timothy Dalton to Pierce Brosnan, including Sean Connery or the mythical Roger Moore, all succeeded in magnifying the famous 007’s impeccably tailored tuxedo. And, with chic and refinement, they have together managed to create a legend that will never die.

Monaco Stream Film Festival will have the honour of awarding the prize for best film to the now mythical No Time To Die at their second edition on May 18th. It is indeed a gesture of considerable symbolism for an event created and directed by no less than Christian and Geoffrey Moore, the sons of the mythical actor whose face will forever be linked to the name of the spy he played for so many years, in the truest Show Biz style ever! We are ShowBiz blog are mighty fans of the Bond series and are more than thrilled that “No Time To Die” was chosen for the Monaco Streaming Film Festival award.

ShowBiz Showcase: The Reg Grundy Innovation Award

This week in ShowBiz blog, we bring a very special topic to our subscribers that we are very excited and thrilled about. For those who are big fans of the swashbuckling movies ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’ – this one is just for you!

Now, we have been covering plenty of award festivals and ceremonies alike but not all of them come close to the Monaco Streaming Film Festival. Last year, the Monaco Streaming Film Festival and Grundy Media joined forces to recognize the highest tier of outstanding games changers and innovators in film and global media with the introduction of ‘the Reg Grundy Innovation Award’.

The Monaco Streaming Film Festival is a hybrid festival which empowers today’s finest film content creators. On the other hand, Grundy Media is an iconic brand in global entertainment. When these forces come together – a bold vision with perfect execution is born that helps the media industry to move people on a global scale.

Reg Grundy is a legendary media mogul who worked very hard to bring strength to characters of his movie with unparalleled professional. The Reg Grundy Innovation Award is for those showbiz stars who are similar to Reg Grundy - have boldly and brilliantly expanded the Global Entertainment Industry with unparalleled impact across all platforms.



Who are the entrants of such a prestigious award? They can be individuals or teams who have made historic contributions to both expand and elevate worldwide entertainment on an unprecedented scale. Recipients will embody the type of vision, drive, character, spirit and success that made Reg Grundy a legendary media mogul.

That is why, this year, the jury members turned without hesitation to James Cameron - one of cinema's most prolific and respected directors, who will receive the Reg Grundy Innovation Award!

For more than three decades, James Cameron has striven in becoming one of the world's most influential and innovative film directors. His creations have blazed new trails in visual effects and broken records that were thought to be unbeatable. His saga Terminator is a cult classic. The unforgettable
Titanic and the surprising Avatar, the second part of which is announced for this year, have climbed to the top of the world box office with disconcerting ease.

Throughout his career, the man whose unfailing seriousness earned him the nickname "Iron Jim" has striven to push back the technical and logistical limits imposed on him in order to always surprise an enthralled audience. Today, James Cameron has become a leading director, known to film enthusiasts and novices alike throughout the world. And, after receiving multiple prestigious prizes, from the Oscars to the Golden Globes, he is now accepting the Reg Grundy Innovation Award at the Monaco

Streaming Film Festival. A strong symbol for a director whose ability to create in defiance of the forbidden is a nostalgic reminder of Reg Grundy's strength of character, obsession with perfection and unparalleled professionalism.

Mrs. Joy Chambers-Grundy, wife of Reg Grundy has said: “My husband’s masterful ability to always push beyond limits, and to turn unimaginable dreams into reality was truly exceptional. It also amassed for him international success, opened the door for all others to follow, and saw him pursue his life-long passion of entertaining people in every country around the globe.

I’m truly thrilled this year to present this prestigious award to James Cameron, in honor of Reg Grundy’s unmatched and incredible impact on the global media industry. Reg was a true innovator and trailblazer. A visionary like no other. He always inspired, motivated and celebrated the next generation, and he was always ten miles ahead of the current technology being used at the time.

He would be so proud to see this award presented to James during the Monaco Streaming Film Festival.”


– with inputs from Jo Cullen-Cronshaw, CEO of RG Capital and Director of the Reg Grundy Legacy Awards.

MMBTV 2022 awards open for Nomination

This week on ShowBiz, we are continuing our spotlight on the honorable MMBTV Award winners who are making waves in the ShowBiz scene. The My Music Block Awards honor the most extraordinary artists, including actor’s writers, producer’s performers within the fine arts community.

Did you know that 2022 year’s MMBTV awards nominations are already open and submissions are still being accepted? So, if you know an artist who deserves the nomination, go ahead and let them know! Check out the video below to listen to the artists themselves:

The latest news this past week is that MMBTV 2021 AWARD Winner Arthur Jae made an appearance at #cobiz Richmond promoting his single ‘In my heart’ and also took the time for for some photos. Here’s Arthur Jae pictured at the event and also a video of his performance - enjoy them right here at ShowBiz blog:

News from the 2022 MMBTV awards ceremony event is that dancer Diromee also performed at cobiz this month. Also, singer/songwriter, musician and an amazing performer Frances Ancheta will be performing at the main event! Here’s her with a lovely pose for the shutterbugs:


Here's Frances with Arthur Jae himself!

How to do the nominations to the 5th annual my music block tv awards – check out their official web page here at  Nominations are open for all artists, all performers – everyone who’s been performing there deserves to be nominated!

ShowBiz Spotlight: Violinist Asher Laub

Today on ShowBiz Blog, we are featuring a unique artist who has just released a cover for one of our favorite songs of the year 2021!

Mind you, our favorite songs of the year 2021 is a very limited list consisting of only those tracks that we had listened to like 100 times when they were released. One such song was Indigo by Camilo, and now you understand why this track is on our list!

Now back to our spotlighted artist – to be exact – a violinist! Asher Laub is already an established violinist who has done covers of tracks like Easy On Me by Adele, Savage Love by Jason Derulo and is catching all his fans' attention like no other with the latest cover release of Indigo!

Since we’re big fans of Camilo and the hit track Indigo, we have been listening to this violin cover for a dozen times already now. No doubt, Asher is truly a gifted artist but he is also a remarkable performer and plays the violin with utmost focus and passion. Maybe this is why all his covers have a soul in them which makes it so good as the real track itself.

Watch Asher perform the cover of Indigo by Camilo in great clarity right here, on ShowBiz blog.

See what we mean? The cover also gives us beautiful visuals that are as good as the original track itself – it truly did make us relax while enjoying the violin played to perfection! 

We have hit the follow button to get updates of Asher Laub on his website and his Instagram – Asher Laub, so we look forward to knowing which track he would cover next and mesmerize us once again!

ShowBiz Spotlight: Asian Blood by Tarah Who?

This week on ShowBiz, and especially since International Women’s Day just passed, we are turning our spotlight to artists who have put in all their effort to portray the feelings that a woman artist goes through in her career.

We are spotlighting the rock duo Tarah Who? who has previously entertained and inspired us with several hit tracks such as “Supposedly, A Man,” “Bad Time,” and “Push Me”. We at ShowBiz blog have been big fans of they always make sure to send a message in each of their tracks.

Asian Blood” is the latest one by Tarah Who? and this two-minute rock production is simply amazing! It is inspired by the underground feminist punk movement “Riot grrrl” that began during the early 1990s. This track is all about getting old as one progresses through life, which is a normal thing, but in the entertainment industry, this is a big deal because the industry could be unjust to artists – especially women – who feel they need to look younger all the time.

Tarah has come up with the right words in this track that goes...

‘’Strange feeling that fear of getting old

It’s not the wrinkles I’m so scared of
I’ve been blessed by Asian Blood
But where is time, going?’’

She sings about Asian Blood that keeps her young, but she continues to wonder where the time goes. That truly is a paradox, isn’t it? 

Now, let’s talk about “Tarah Who?” - this is the LA-based power duo of Tarah Carpenter and drummer/backing vocalist Coralie Hervé who are the brains behind the ‘Asian Blood’ track. Joining forces with Norm Block (L7, Alain Johannes, Girl Friday) and Jesse Cannon (The Cure, The Misfits, Limp Bizkit), who mixed and mastered the track, we at ShowBiz blog are without a doubt sure that the track will take Tarah Who?’s popularity to a whole new level. 

We listened to ‘Asian Blood’ on Spotify as it is available in US and UK. We learned that a music video is all set to release soon as well! If you are also waiting to see the video like us, be sure to connect with Tarah Who?’ by connecting on their website. You can also connect with the duo on Instagram – Tarah Who?.

Submissions open for 2022 My Block TV Awards!

This week at ShowBiz, we are covering an exclusive news for all the showbiz fans out there who are looking forward to the 2022 My Block TV Awards! 

Yes, as you could have guessed from the title already, the submissions are open for this year's prestigious awards. Thanks to places opening up after a tumultuous period of time, a small dinner in the San Francisco bay area was celebrated by a few performances by Dreamer, Darioso and Oyamasela.

ShowBiz blog's favorite artist Eyez was also at the event adding to the excitement and music celebrities list.  Check out exclusive pictures shared with ShowBiz blog of these artists!




Want to learn more about My Block TV Awards and see how you can be a part of submissions as well as getting tickets to be there? Check out their official page and mmbawards instagram page
Here are the artists performing the tracks themselves live at the dinner just a few days ago!