Showbiz spotlight: Lifetime producer Vivica A. Fox and Camille Calvin spotted together

This weekend on Showbiz, we are turning our spotlight on none other than the most successful black woman in Hollywood - Vivica A. Fox. Now, if you are one of those rare persons out there who does not know who she is, this introduction is just for you. Vivica A. Fox has starred in legendary hollywood movies such as "Kill Bill: Volume 1", "Kill Bill: Volume 2", "Independence Day" and "Kingdom Come.” She's in the hollywood business since 1983 - much before the times most of our blog's readers were even born! 

On top of all this, she is also a supporter of women's empowerment and has been a part of many campaigns to promote female entrepreneurship - now being a producer, she walks the talk you can say! Now who else are we focusing on today along with Vivica A. Fox. 

Earlier this month, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Vivica A. Fox was seen with Camille Calvin at the Pink Pump Affairs. Here goes another introduction - Camille Calvin is a multitalented actress and a new comer to the industry who has proven her abilities through her versatile roles in numerous films and T.V shows. She played the leading role in the cheer movie, Deadly Cheers, released on lifetime in Jan 2022 and already has a huge fan following, including us at Showbiz blog! 

On the same lines, Vivica A. Fox has produced many cheer films for lifetime and now again has worked as the executive director of six new cheers films, including “The wrong cheer Captain,” “Killer Cheer,” “Pom Poms and Payback,” “Deadly Cheers,” “Cheer for Your Life,” and “Webcam Cheerleaders.” Let's talk about "Deadly Cheers" a bit and how enthralling of a performance Camille Calvin had put up in this movie. She plays the role of Brianna in the Deadly Cheers movie, a single mom who is excited to be the new assistant principal of the High School in the film. Things get worse when a cheerleader accidentally dies, and then the coach wants to save his reputation even by sacrificing all the other cheerleaders - leading up to a dramatic and suspenseful film having us in nail-biting moments throughout the movie. 

Vivica A. Fox and Camille Calvin at The Pink Pump Affairs

What is the The Pink Pump Affairs and what were these amazing women doing there? 
They both attended the pink pump affairs to support the event and as Vivica A. Fox's most important campaigns - she was there to boost women’s empowerment. A pink pump affair is an event that has taken place in Los Angeles every year for the last fourteen years. It is a gathering of influencers and women entrepreneurs who are invited to attend the event for the purpose of empowering women and promoting gender equality.  The Pink Pump Affair aims to create a space where women can come together and share their stories, struggles, and success stories with one another. 

What's next with Vivica A. Fox and Camille Calvin?
So with so much that would have been discussed at the event, we never know when these two strong women come together they might just be looking to have a fantastic and successful collaboration in the future - a cheer movie? a totally new genre movie? we are hooked into this spotlight and can't wait!


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