ShowBiz spotlight: Rap artist Jack Frost

This week on ShowBiz blog, we turn the spotlight to a rap artist who is making waves wherever he performs. Let us tell you that he has performed at various venues in USA and Europe such as Austin, Colorado and Kaiserslautern, Germany. 

As the title of this article already says, Jack Frost is whom we are talking about and spotlighting today. He is an American rapper and hip-hop artist emanating from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Bringing his versatile style to life, he is known for the album “The King, The Knight and The Demon” and the reputable unpolished projects, “The Cold Front” and “Aggression Disorder”. 

Jack is not your run of the mill rap artist, he is a steadily evolving artist who is always looking to broaden and refine his already dynamic mastery over rap over the years. He says he is inspired by diverse genres and influenced by the ever popular rap stars including DMX, Nas, Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem. 

Jack Frost is currently busy working on his upcoming full-length album entitled, "Bottom Floor" and the EP, "6die". Now if you ask us which one is our favorite song amongst his hits, it is really a tough one. We would go by "Brighter Days" as the song brings hope and power to us when you listen to it. As Jack Frost says "Dont live in the past. Remember but never forget. Move on to the Brighter days".

Watch the song below and our guarantee that you will instantly like it!

Jack Frost is also on instagram at and all his hits can be heard in Jack Frost spotify.  


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