Evolution of Sci-fi movies

In recent past we have come across several sci-fi movies and viewers have started loving this genre, right from the Star Wars days. A sci-fi movie, typically, is a blend of action, adventure and fantasy. However, the key element of surprise for viewers of all genres when it comes to sci-fi movies is the concept or idea. In a sci-fi movie we are able to see mesmerizing characters, worlds and universe. Today, in Showbiz, we are going to showcase a pre-production Sci-fi film named Planets in Peril. The characters in the movie are depicted based on Jovian warriors. “Jovian” symbolizes people who fight against miscreants that threaten their society.

The Jovian warriors are unique in their style, costumes and weapons when compared to other sci-fi characters. They possess magical abilities which add to the fantasy in the story. The warriors are courageous, brilliant and determined to achieve greatness. In pre-production, there were interesting sketches created of the characters for this story. 

The Aurora Slade sketches were great with likes of many artists showing their skills. The pivotal role in the story is played by Supremacy shock troopers. The sketches of imperial storm troopers have indeed brought the characters to life. Conceptual art plays a vital role in bring life to the characters and story of the movie. Check out these sketches on conceptual art and characters. 
We will feature more of this epic sci-fi film in the making, watch out this space on Showbiz blog!

Celebrity studs and their relationships

The celebrities make a huge stand for their style and fashion statements. Today on showbiz we are going to follow celebrities on their relationships. When it comes to celebrity lifestyles their relationships are associated with celebrities or models. The handsome men of Hollywood have a great eye when it comes to ravishing women. The Hollywood actors are often associated with beautiful models since they can show off their relationship status.
The public are very interested to celebrity news and when it comes to handsome actors of Hollywood they relationship averages are pretty low. When it comes to relationships of celebrities it becomes a huge buzz around the media. The handsome actors are associated with beautiful and ravishing models to maintain their stand on their statement to the world. They want to maintain and create a new buzz about them and want to stay on the media radars. Since they are the most handsome men of Hollywood they can’t let down their pride and status. As day in and day out these celebrities are always under the scanner for what they do since they are the precious jewels of the Hollywood. Checkout the relationship secrets of top 10 celebrity studs who have a dream run when it comes ravishing and beautiful women.  

Buzz over celebrity relationship

When it comes to showbiz we mostly cover the news about celebrities and their lifestyles. When it comes to celebrity lifestyles mostly it’s about their relationships and their breakups. The celebrities do make a lot of fashion statement and their relationships are followed by many fans. Today in showbiz we are going to see the top 10 Hollywood actresses who seem to have an edge over actors in relationships.

The actresses choose their men to make a statement to the public and their relationships can get a lot messy because as time goes by their attitude towards their relationships changes as well. The love seems to stay out of the equation when it comes to celebrities most of the time since their life is highly viewed by the public and their minutes gestures create a lot of buzz in the news too. But there are some celebrities who are deeply rooted to their relationships but there are very few of them. Just take a glimpse of the top 10 Hollywood actresses who have a ravenous thirst on handsome men.

Comedy shows best way of entertainment

Entertainment plays a vital role in everyone’s life since we need some kind of relaxation. There are many ways to relax and entertainment is mostly preferred over the other activities. There are many types of entertainment and with the advancements of technology entertainment has diversified its reach. Internet is one of the major inventions which are able to connect millions of people across the world. There are many applications and web services available online which has made life easier. Entertainment in internet became the most important part since people can access any news, videos and movies. YouTube created a revolution in video sharing and entertainment industry. In YouTube you can share and access your favorite videos. It helps in easy sharing since you can copy the URL of your video and share it with your friends.   
According to me a comedy show is the perfect way of entertainment and nowadays we have a lot of comedy series to watch. I came across a teaser of a comedy show Devil’s Couriers which is going to be launched in YouTube this September. It is a comical series about Bikers and their comical journey. The characters are very funny and they are a bunch of skilled professionals. The main aspect of comical actors is to make the audience happy and these people really know how to do it in biker’s style. Checkout the YouTube teaser and homepage of Devil’s Couriers –

Many ways for Entertainment

Entertainment may be a single word but there are many categories under that. There are multiple categories which are yet to be categorized but they are all a part of entertainment. In Showbiz we discuss about the celebrities in the Hollywood who make news. Likewise there are many other fields where people try to entertain others for a living. The technology plays a vital role in reaching millions of people and Internet connects millions of people across the world. There are many advantages of using Internet and entertainment is also one among them. Internet is the best place for entertainment and it has limitless access to news and information.
There are many entertainment websites online and they focus on entertainment through their website. TrevorMcManus.com is a popular entertainment website who offers many categories where you can choose from and they keep you updated with latest news from across the world. They offer many categories for viewers ranging from news to videos and you can choose your desired channels. My personal favorite category in TrevorMcManus.com is Humourous, where there are many funny pictures, news and videos which are very hilarious.

Online entertainment websites

There are millions of ways for entertainment these days and Internet is one of the highest used medium for entertainment. Entertainment helps you to stay fresh and relaxed from the stressful world. The world we see now is filled with tension and chaos. There are many categories of entertainment like music, sports, infotainment, movies and news. I like watching sports in television and my favorite sport is Cricket. In Internet we can watch any category we like and we don’t have any limitations like in television. The entertainment through Internet is unlimited and with the help of social media we can share it with friends. 

There are many entertainment websites available online and you can choose your desired one’s according to your interest. I came across TrevorMcManus.com, which is an entertainment website and there are categories where you can watch videos or even read news. There are many funny videos and news which I liked the most. You can follow TrevorMcManus.com through Facebook and Twitter to stay entertained. 

Hilarious TV series for Men and about Men

This week on Showbiz we are going to see about THE MEN'S ROOM, a comedy TV series. This show offers “A new testosterone-fueled sketch comedy show by guys, for guys, and everyone who loves sketch comedy!” The artists in this show are highly talented and people are loving it since it's very funny. The testosterone-fueled and guy-branded production makes no compromises or excuses for it’s decidedly “Gents” point of view, targeting and scoring a direct bull’s-eye for the extremely coveted and currently disenfranchised 18-49 male television audience.  
The latest press release was on Saturday Night Live alum and Executive Producer Michael Wilson today released original animation segments from the new, guy-branded and testosterone-fueled sketch comedy series “The Men’s Room” featuring the iconic “Guy and Gal” stick figures internationally known for adorning the entrances to restroom doors all over the globe.
The Men’s Room” will be shopped shortly to network broadcasters, with the animation segments along with the entire pilot episode. It is currently screened for a limited time at the production’s website: The Men’s Room.

Make some money, thanks to online entertainment

Today on showbiz I wanted to share some latest which are very entertaining. As everyone is familiar with Internet and there are many online sites who offer entertainment. There are many types of entertainment like watching movies, playing online games and chatting with friends. With Internet, entertainment took a whole new level and that is solely due to social media! Under the huge social media, networking services are the latest trend setting means of connecting people with similar mindsets in entertainment. Facebook is the highly used social media networking service across the world. There are millions of users across the world using Facebook. It offers entertainment like chat, games and much more.
Facebook has created a revolution in the world of social media networking. We can market of our businesses through Facebook and promote your ideas. Marketing and promotions on Facebook has a wide reach and it’s easy to market a brand or business. Facebook has created a platform where you can showcase your talents and even make money through it. So here it goes folks, I wanted to let you know about a new system that I found out about today. It actually shows you how to make money using facebook! Check it out at http://tinyurl.com/md65ryu.

Join the High Chaparral Reunion!

Join us at the Cannon ranch house in Tucson, AZ on March 20-23, 2014 for The High Chaparral Reunion. You'll meet cast members, talk with the people who made the best TV western ever, walk through the place where it was filmed, and hear backstage stories from cast and crew.

It's a one of a kind experience that you have to experience yourself to truly understand.

This year's Reunion is unlike any other with several special events like:

  • Rudy Ramos premiering Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, a play by Janelle Meraz-Hooper.
  • Producer Kent McCray's presentation on how a script gets broken down and arranged for daily shooting.
  • Casting Call with Susan McCray - selected fans will participate in a casting session with Susan, then some will be cast to appear in a reading of a scene with the stars.
  • Book signing of Harry's Piano with Susan McCray - each book purchased will include The High Chaparral Suite, produced by Susan with themes from The High Chaparral composed by her father, Academy award winner Harry Sukman, along with two pieces written and performed by him.
  • Wild West Festival at Old Tucson, Sponsor's Dinner, one on one time with the stars, and much more.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind dream trip to Tucson and The High Chaparral.

For more information email them at info@highchaparralnewsletter.com

The High Chaparral Reunion Announces 2014 Dates!

(July 30, 2013, Tucson, AZ)  Members of The High Chaparral television series and long-time fans will join together once again at their annual reunion next year.  Reunion spokeswoman Penny McQueen announced the gathering will take place March 20 to March 23, 2014 at the Casino del Sol Resort in Tucson, Ariz.

“It’s about getting together to share memories of this history-making television show and how it made an impact not only on Hollywood, but also on the individual lives of all those involved,” McQueen said.  “Our fan base is world-wide, and it’s amazing to hear from them how much the show meant when they were growing up,” she added.

Already confirmed to appear at the 2014 reunion are Don Collier, who played ranch foreman Sam Butler, Rudy Ramos who played Wind in the final season, and Kent McCray, production manager, along with his wife Susan, who was involved in casting.

“We have some very special activities in the works for our 2014 meeting,” said McQueen, who is one of the main function organizers.  “Rudy Ramos will premier his one man play, Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, by Janelle Meraz-Hooper, and Kent McCray will do a special presentation on the mechanics of producing a High Chaparral script,” she said.  “Susan McCray will hold a Casting Call where a few lucky fans will read for a part and then participate in a scene reading with the High Chaparral stars,” she added.  The reunion dates coincide with Old Tucson Studios’ Wild West Days, so High Chaparral fans will also be able to visit the actual site where the show was filmed.

The High Chaparral aired on NBC television from Sept. 10, 1967 to Mar. 13, 1971.  In addition to Collier and Ramos, it starred Leif Erickson as Big John Cannon, Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon, Mark Slade as Blue Boy, Henry Darrow as Manolito Montoya, and Linda Cristal as Victoria.  Other cast members included Bob Hoy as Joe Butler, Rudólfo Acosta as Vaquero, Roberto Contreras as Pedro, Ted Markham as Reno and Jerry Summers as Ira Bean.  Susan McCray’s father, Oscar-winning composer Harry Sükman, orchestrated the show’s music.  The High Chaparral is historic because it promoted Latino and other minority actors during the height of the Civil Rights movement, a time when many acting opportunities weren’t open to them.  The show is currently being shown in syndication on the INSP channel.

Next year’s function will be the 11th reunion for the group.  “The High Chaparral Reunion has grown tremendously since the beginning in 2003,” McQueen said, “and I'm thrilled that we have family members of the cast and crew planning to attend in 2014.  The family members visited the HC set, and they're looking forward to making contact with the fans and with old friends." 

McQueen also said fans will be able to meet, talk and pose with the guest celebrities, and the guests will hold panels to give fans a chance to ask questions about the show behind-the-scenes.  There will also be a special Sponsor Banquet as well as other group events.

“We kept Tucson as the reunion site,” said McQueen, “because that is where the show’s exteriors were mostly shot.  The guests love the location at Casino del Sol Resort, which was a wonderful host to us last year.  We’re looking forward to another gathering to share and laugh and learn about all these characters we’ve come to love over the last 47 years,” she said.   

Those interested can find more information on how to sign up at The High Chaparral Reunion, or they can join in the group discussion on Facebook.

For more information contact:
Penny McQueen

Music artists

Listening to music gives me immense pleasure and I feel relaxed. In present stressful world music can act as a stress buster. Music is a way of entertainment which will help us forget our worries. There are many musicians and singers who express their talents but it’s a few who reach higher level. According to me talented artists must be given chance to showcase their talents as well. It’s important that we should encourage young talented artists which will create a bright future for them and it will encouragement to youngsters who are looking forward to music careers. 
I was wondering whether there could be some kind of agencies who could help young artists. Nowadays there are many television shows that provide a platform for young talents to jump starts their career. I came across music page who try to promote young artists. The artists can register their credentials with the website and post their music videos. Based on artists views they are ranked and they maintain a list of top artists and songs which are very helpful for young artists. 

Importance of marketing and promotion

In showbiz I wanted to discuss how important is promotions and marketing in entertainment industry. A film has many stages but promotions and marketing is the important phase which decides the film's success rate. A film symbolize the efforts of director, actors and technicians. The success rate of a film is decided by the people. Promotions and marketing help in showcasing a film’s standard and cast. 
 Nowadays social media has gained popularity on promotions and marketing. The film marketing will involve the directors and lead actors who share their experience on the film. The evolution of advertising has improved over the years. The media plays a key role in advertising and promoting a film. The press meet are held before launching a film in which director and actors answer to the queries from the journalist's. The merchandise of superheros was started to promote superhero movies and it was huge hit. The merchandise comprises of toys, t-shirts and accessories. The studio marketing helps in promoting businesses and products through commercials. The commercial ad is the effective way to promote and market new businesses and products since it has a wider reach. 

Holiday Destinations

There are many types of entertainment and one my personal favorite is going on a vacation. The vacation helps to stay connected with family and friends. There are many beautiful places in the world and we need to plan a vacation based on our holidays. It’s very important to go on a vacation since you get to have a life from regular desk jobs and stressful world. A vacation helps you to rejuvenate your mind and body that you stay fit. 
Generally people like to spend a vacation in islands where they trek with family and enjoy the scenic beauties of the beaches. The cabo vacation packages are very famous since they provide joy and fun for tourists. The cabo vacation provides many amenities like spa, swimming pools and golf. The Pisces yachting is very famous for its sea adventure. The cabo arch is famous for its sunset and the tourists are fascinated to watch the scenic beauty. The cabo vacation package provides the perfect vacation for you and your family. The cabo vacation is famous for its amenities and hospitality. 

Comedy entertainment at its best!

The entertainment industry consists of not only movies; there are TV series too which have a large fan base. The television series have gained popularity amongst many people who can have some entertainment sitting at home. For many house wives these TV series seem to be an entertaining factor. There are many types of categories in the TV series like in movies.

Comedy Television has an entertaining factor for the obvious reason that it makes people happy. Nowadays there are many TV series which try to promote comedy in their stories and also try to bring seriousness of entertainment when the series get tangled with too much intensity. But the key factor to the success of the comedy television lies, of course, on the actors. There are many series in the comedy television which are very entertaining and joyful to watch. When we watch some comical series we feel light and forget all our worries. The comedy television acts as a stress buster in the present world.

Big Bang Theory in Showbiz

In Showbiz today, we caught up with Big Bang Theory Cast at their website. It’s a famous comedy TV show which is very entertaining and hilarious. The series is very famous for its comedy and the story revolves around four friends who share an apartment together. They spend time in working with their projects individually and they have fun in the apartment like playing video games, watching movies. Like many nerds they are very unlucky when it comes to women. Then a pretty women move into the apartment and then how the story unfolds is very comical.

These casts in the show are very talented and their acting seems to be natural. It’s really hard to act in a comedy series unless you have passion and skill. The Big Bang Theory Cast includes Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar - all of whom have played a major role in the success of the series.

An emerging Director in Showbiz

I love watching movies and its fascinating when I see a director’s creativity on screen. The director plays a vital role in making a movie. The skill of a director is tested by how he uses all the characters in the movie. The idea of a director must be unique and how he connects with the audience is really important. Recently I came across a director named Tarik Freitekh, he is one of the emerging directors whom I came across. He is an actor and a film maker who takes music videos, films and commercials. He recently directed music videos for Snoop Dogg and he has even done projects with Shaggy R-Kelly, Shakira. 

He studied Video Production and Film making at The Art Institute. He has a good network with many famous celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Bradley Copper and many more. There are many music videos launched in YouTube and it takes great director skills to create a unique music video. You can follow Tarik Freitekh on his Twitter page www.twitter.com/tarikfreitekh  and even on his Facebook page www.facebook.com/tarikfreitekh. Recently Tarik Freitekh posted a photo with PSY on his instagram www.instagram.com/tarikfreitekh.

AELO Music in stores!

AELO The Futuristic Muse is a fictional character in a series of performing art and showcases. The Swiss artist and producer Lisa Maito was inspired by Antoine Saint-Exupéry’s book 'The Little Prince', and portrayed AELO as a free spirit with unbounded curiosity and adventure. AELO is a living symbol of freedom, tolerance and openness. Her mysterious aura and friendly character enchants and delights people for these times. AELO's focus is turned into the hearts of all people.

In her poetic and interactive production 'Connections By Heart' Lisa Maito conveys the message that 'We Are All One', no matter of colour, religion and race. The fact that AELO the protagonist looks so gorgeous strange, enables her to represent topics in our global world that are gained in importance. Such as tolerance and integration, foreignness and communication and the ability to deep relaxation.

AELO's unique MUSIC in DOWNLOAD STORES now! Enjoy the featured song DANCE TO COME TOGETHER.

The actor in Robert De Niro

There are many legendary actors and Robert De Niro is my personal favorite actor. He is an actor, director and producer. He started his career as an actor and he displayed good acting skills. He started his career in the mid 1960s. He was recognized for his role as a dying league baseball player in Bang the Drum Slowly (1973). He acted as a small crook Jonny Boy in Mean Streets (1973) and this was the first collaboration with director Martin Scorsese. He played an important role in The Godfather Part II (1974) and his performance in the movie earned him an Oscar for best supporting actor. Some of the Best De Niro Movies are Bang the Drum Slowly (1973), The Godfather Part II (1974), Stardust (2007), Silver Linings Playbook (2012). He acted as Captain Shakespeare in Stardust (2007) and I liked his funny acting in that movie. I was fascinated by his emotional acting in Silver Linings Playbook (2012). He is an actor who fits in any role easily. I liked his dedication towards his role and he is known for his anti-hero characters.

The tough and majestic Clint Eastwood

According to me actors play a vital role in movies. There are many actors in the industry but it’s difficult to find a natural actor. Acting is an art and mastering it is very difficult. There were many great actors in the past. Clint Eastwood is a legendary actor who was pretty famous for his acting skills. He displayed awesome skills in acting and people started recognizing his talent. He started his career in television industry (1955). Later he started acting in western movies and then there was no stopping him. Later in his career he became a director and producer too. Cult Classics and that's why they are called Clint Eastwood Westerns, they have won 2 Oscars for his movie Unforgiven (1992). I was fascinated by his direction skills in that movie. He won two more Oscars for the movie Million Dollar Baby (2004). The movie is about a determined boxing woman who becomes a professional with the help of a hardened trainer. The movie was directed by Clint Eastwood and he acted as the boxing trainer. He is a legendary icon who symbolizes Western movies.

Conversation with Daniel Bostic, the Fresh face!

So, this week we caught up with the actor virtually via conversations and we posed some interesting questions for Daniel Bostic and he had very interesting answers!

Me: How has your journey so far been in show biz ? 
Daniel: Amazing, I've gone places I never thought I would. Sure its meant a lot of late nights and miserable rejections, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Me: Your tips to young actors and wannabe actors? 
Daniel: Start small, take indie film jobs, extra slots, student films. This is an industry that is about making connections. Use your down time to hone your craft through workshops and classes and be willing to start small and move up. Above all keep a great attitude. The film industry is very tight-knit and its crucial that you don't burn any bridges.

Me: What are your future plans? 
Daniel: To be honest I don't know. I'm taking it a day at a time and seeing what God has for me. I'm going to continue staying involved in the film industry for the time being. I'm also considering going to school for a more "practical" degree in something like business so that I can have something to do between projects.

Me: As a career, do you think there is growth for young talents in Hollywood? 
Daniel: Let's face it, this is a competitive and crowded industry. That being said ,I see a lot of cities opening up to film production companies and there is more and more work available in cities like Atlanta, New York, and Charlotte. This is really the opportune time for young actors to get involved.
Me: How do you balance your personal and professional life? 
Daniel: For me its all about prioritizing. Some times this means turning down an audition because I need time to recoup from a project, or sometimes it means turning down friend time to drive to a shoot, either way it's a balancing act, but thats also what makes it fun!

Me: Any Girl Friend(s) :) ? 
Daniel: I have a lot of friends that are girls, but not a girlfriend. It's sort of a sacrifice I've had to make with my lifestyle. I simply don't have time or energy for a relationship right now, but that being said, if the right person came along I would probably find a way to make it work. :)

Me: Do you have any fitness secrets that you'd like to share with us? 
Daniel: One of the things that has been most helpful to me is finding a gym partner. I've found when I have a consistent gym partner I actually look forward to going to the gym and I don't burn out or become bored as easily.

A fresh face in Show Biz!

Show biz is not about money, Show biz is not really about the big things thrown around. If I have to say one work about Show biz - it must be 'fascination'. Talking about that, I get fascinated by seeing good actors and according to me, acting must be spontaneous, very spontaneous. The best actors in Hollywood exhibit natural talent which helps them achieve greatness. I came across an actor named Daniel Bostic (on IMDB), he was brilliant with his acting - I recognized this when I watched a Short film where he acted!. I never came across a small lad who showed such maturity in his acting.  
Daniel started acting in a TV series in the year 2008. He acted in a short film “Gone for the day” in the year 2012. He was cool in the film and his body language was good. People started noticing him for his natural instincts towards acting. Daniel’s twitter page has nearly forty thousand fans and danielbostic.com is his personal website. He started his acting carrier in drama and it helped him grow as an actor. Drama helps an actor to showcase his talents and Daniel had the charisma which an actor needs.  
I really liked his acting in the short film and hope he does many films in the future. He has become popular amongst the teenagers since he looks like a boy next door.

PopeMobile is for sale

On March 20, an amazing auction is to be hosted, in typical Showbiz style. Back in May, 2005, a car auction in eBay drew international attention and broke eBay records with over 10 million visitors to its auction page. Now, its owners have decided to take it back to auction block. GoldenPalace.com are, the current owners of the famous collectible. 

In what was easily one of the most phenomenal events in Internet history, the car which once belonged to Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, was won by online casino GoldenPalace.com for an impressive €188,938.88. This month, citing health concerns, the Pope announced that he would be resigning the papacy.  “When we learned of the Pope’s resignation we wanted to pay tribute by giving others the opportunity to own a piece of history” said Richard Allen, a spokesperson for GoldenPalace.com.  GoldenPalace notes “we believe that His Holiness would be especially pleased to know that the money raised as a result of this auction would be used to help the needy.”

GoldenPalace.com is excited to re-list this iconic piece of history, in what surely will be another spectacular event. The auction begins on Tuesday March 20th, 17:00 GMT, with a starting bid of only £0.99. To view auction, visit:  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pope-Benedict-XVI-Volkswagen-Golf-/321076800159.
GoldenPalace.com has made headlines across the globe through various unconventional marketing campaigns and while their unique marketing stunts have been copied, they’ve yet to be matched.  GoldenPalace.com has used its unconventional auction wins and marketing reach to raise awareness and more than $1,000,000 for deserving charities worldwide.

Proceeds from this auction will benefit Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, building hope all over the world. For more information, visit: www.habitatforhumanity.org.uk.

Ease with e-payment

The development in technologies has given a grasp over anything we want instantly. There is much advancement in technologies and it’s hard to keep track of them now. The technologies improvement helped eradicated the time lapse and we are able to do things very quickly. For instance a money transfer will take minimum two days but now we can transfer money instantly through electronic money transfer. The electronic money transfer helps us pay bills instantly and saves time. The most important aspect of online payments is secure money transfer and there are many payment gateways which offer highly secured services. 
There are many payment gateways and each gateway have their own secured network. The secured network helps customers make online payments with ease. There are dedicated payment gateways for insurance and healthcare industries. The advancement in medical technologies has increased the accuracy level of surgeries. The time consumed in surgeries has come down with the help of technologies. iPayX payment gateway offers secured bill payment solutions in healthcare industries and they are well known for their services.