A fresh face in Show Biz!

Show biz is not about money, Show biz is not really about the big things thrown around. If I have to say one work about Show biz - it must be 'fascination'. Talking about that, I get fascinated by seeing good actors and according to me, acting must be spontaneous, very spontaneous. The best actors in Hollywood exhibit natural talent which helps them achieve greatness. I came across an actor named Daniel Bostic (on IMDB), he was brilliant with his acting - I recognized this when I watched a Short film where he acted!. I never came across a small lad who showed such maturity in his acting.  
Daniel started acting in a TV series in the year 2008. He acted in a short film “Gone for the day” in the year 2012. He was cool in the film and his body language was good. People started noticing him for his natural instincts towards acting. Daniel’s twitter page has nearly forty thousand fans and danielbostic.com is his personal website. He started his acting carrier in drama and it helped him grow as an actor. Drama helps an actor to showcase his talents and Daniel had the charisma which an actor needs.  
I really liked his acting in the short film and hope he does many films in the future. He has become popular amongst the teenagers since he looks like a boy next door.


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