An emerging Director in Showbiz

I love watching movies and its fascinating when I see a director’s creativity on screen. The director plays a vital role in making a movie. The skill of a director is tested by how he uses all the characters in the movie. The idea of a director must be unique and how he connects with the audience is really important. Recently I came across a director named Tarik Freitekh, he is one of the emerging directors whom I came across. He is an actor and a film maker who takes music videos, films and commercials. He recently directed music videos for Snoop Dogg and he has even done projects with Shaggy R-Kelly, Shakira. 

He studied Video Production and Film making at The Art Institute. He has a good network with many famous celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Bradley Copper and many more. There are many music videos launched in YouTube and it takes great director skills to create a unique music video. You can follow Tarik Freitekh on his Twitter page  and even on his Facebook page Recently Tarik Freitekh posted a photo with PSY on his instagram