My Music block TV Awards winners brunch - 2023

Before you read more on this article, if you are not up to date on this year's My Music Block TV awards, we suggest check out the previous articles on this coverage following the label My Music Block TV awards

We have more exciting news coming in this week - a winners brunch took place on November 18th at central stage Gail decatur who co hosted the my music block tv awards hosted the brunch. She was fun friendly and professional!

See this shorts to start off with - youtube.comshorts/rLFqZNz95rM?si=oE-8sKnMW8wQyMNC

Matt Thompson did his QnA and performed a song from his album accelerate and then did an impromptu performance of his award winning song you don't get 2 because the crowd begged him to do it.

Here are plenty of pictures exclusive for Show Biz blog from the event!

That's the song he won for at this year my music block tv awards and was one of the most buzzed about artists. Sharon manuel also win this year and shared another impromptu talk about her friend Gregory hickman williams who she did a historical concert with in 1983. She elaborated on off the top of her head and She had not planned on saying anything. Greg received a post hummus plaque for reaching 5 thousand streams on his spotify account this year. 

Our favorite Eye'z received a plaque for reaching 20 thousand streams. Alienamore came to show support and performed luv ya. In the end Eye'z shared a suprize for aaliyah fans!

Here is the video on Matt's Q n As:

For those of you interested in the entire event, here's the full stream captured:

Gail records Eye'z talk about Aaliyahs induction into the R&B hall of fame - watch it on FB watch here - more on records alienamor

The 6th Annual MMBTV's Winners brunch, a day of fresh talent!

Couple weeks ago, we wrote with excitement about the My Music Block TV Awards and also covered a story on the winners last month. Check out the posts on topic 2023 awards to catch until this point in time.

Next up, we are super excited to announce the upcoming continuation of celebration of all the glamour and artistic brilliance that 6th annual My Music Block TV Awards was, the annual Winners brunch will take place on 18th November! From 12 to 3 pm, MB winners will give a Q n A and for the first time they will have live music performances and a special surprise for all those Aaliyah fans out there!

The winners brunch is to celebrate the victory of the winners and nominees. Artists can take photos with there fans with the directors chair in a positive and creative environment 

Special event is from 12:30-1pm where will be a small plaque ceremony for artists. We at ShowBiz blog were told that Aaliyah fans are encouraged to wear an Aaliyah T shirt and buzz is that Music Block winner Matt Thompson will be officially performing at this event. 

His latest album Accelerate was well received! Some cool album arts below! Here is playlist dedicated to Matt Thompson's hits!

So get your calendars sorted and make way for this vibrant brunch and catchup with artists at Central Stage 5221 Central Ave, Richmond, CA on 18th November!

Smoke and Chill Recording Studios is one of a kind

This week on Show Biz Blog, we are featuring a one of a kind new-age studio in California. Off late, you would have noticed our showing our spotlight on new age artists who are coming up with a different style and rhythms and breaking the norm.

Similarly, we wanted to write about studios and were researching whom to begin with. Then we chanced upon Smoke & Chill Studios - the first and only recording studio in Felton, California to literally offer smoke and chill vibes in addition to being a state of the art studio for artists and musicians alike. 

Smoke and Chill (we love the name!) is a modern studio and is owned by none other than the Leemy Leem of the Legendary Group "The Kaze", you can see this from the image above that this is from Kami Kaze productions. 

We went over their website and they offer more than just recording and mixing services at their studio. Booking is all online from 2 hours to 8 hours on any given day and ask us what the best part is? Cannabis is offered at no charge! Who wouldn't want to this miss this?!

Smoke and Chill does not impose any conditions on the genre of music - all genres are appreciated and celebrated here! Check them out at and book them for your next recording, chilling, or jamming sessions!