ShowBiz spotlight: The My Music Block TV Award winners Luncheon

This week on ShowBiz blog we bring you yet another coverage around the famous My Music Block TV awards event. Before we go into today's event coverage - if you haven't caught up with updates from My Music Block TV awards news so far, you can see all them here in our blog via this link ShowBiz blog - My music block tv awards

So we came to know that a special luncheon was held on October 7th to host the award winners and invite them to talk about their experiences at the awards, their success journey and felicitate them for their successful streams as well! 

At the event was the ever vibrant and glowing Eye'z, Arthur Jae and Floyd Hill who talked about their success after their recent win at the awards. Some exclusive pictures from the luncheon are here!

Arthur Jae and Eye'z were presented with a Music Streaming award plaque at the end of the luncheon, to us this was the best part where artists are celebrated and felicitated for their work and achievements!


Since his recent win, Arthur Jae has increased sales in his music & streams. He has recently released his music video for in my heart. Eye'z also said that she has seen a recent jump in radio rotation & playlist placement as well. Floyd Hill & Arthur Jae have continued on with their success since their win working on new projects. So definitely the awards are working in their favour, this is fantastic news to the artists and a huge inspiration to aspiring artists as well!

Many artists couldn't make it to the event but we will mention about them as well because they sent all their love to the winners. Artists SAT GAME NIKKIA and Dr. Wright couldn't make it but were in touch with the luncheon attendees. We also came to know Dr. Wright was on set filming the latest season of wright place tv! How cool is that!!

All tracks of Eye'z can be listened to in Spotify and likewise for all tracks of Arthur Jae as well!

This is all for this spotlight from ShowBiz blog, stay tuned for we will be covering more about their fine artists and the My Music Block TV Award winners!

ShowBiz spotlight: Vlog attraction for abandoned and haunted locations

ShowBiz blog is all about bringing the most inspiring and interesting work in the entertainment world! So, this week on ShowBiz, we wanted to cover something totally new on our blog. So we started putting together our thoughts on what is the most trending topic in the ShowBiz world. Then we understood that the platforms that showcase ShowBiz topics are the most trending! Yes, you guessed it right - the likes of YouTube and Vimeo are what we are referring to. Why are they famous? Because when we looked at all our ShowBiz articles, we somehow end up featuring the YouTube videos of the stars.

So with video platforms chosen as the theme, we wanted to cover someone who is running a very offbeat channel on YouTube! We hauled over several themes and categories and finally, again sticking on to this spotlight's overall theme of something totally new, chose a channel that is run by Louis Dee from England who travels the world for abandoned and haunted locations and gives a very detailed rundown of the place on his channel! We couldn't get as totally new and cooler than this for this special spotlight!

Louis Dee is English so it was easy for us to follow his content. His primarily coverage is of abandoned places in (mostly) England and the world! This is a theme that is gaining popularity on YouTube, although with a lot of over-dramatized videos! Louis Dee attempts to de-mystify all this and present facts the way they are.

We liked Louis Dee's because he does not add too much drama to the videos and he presents the places they way they are, talks about their history and most importantly how they could be today if they weren't abandoned. The most fascinating fact for us is that his channel is ranked in the top 50 best exploring channels in the world! We think this is truly his reward for doing honest and top notch content. Some of his famous videos are the ones about abandoned asylum, abandoned care home and most recently an abandoned millionaire's mansion!

Louis Dee's channel can be followed at and his Instagram at

ShowBiz spotlight: Singer Eye'z and Rapper Fluid attend screening of "Respect"

 If you haven't recently followed updates at ShowBiz blog, then its time you did! This past week we've been providing some great updates about My Music Block TV Awards ceremony of 2021 where some great artists were present and the very deserving walked away with awards in hand. You can catch up with the article here - ShowBiz blog feature: My Music Block TV awards and get to know everyone who won awards!

In today's ShowBiz spotlight, we turn the spotlight to two of the famous artists in all the My Music block TV awards ceremonies - Singer Eye'z and Rapper Fluid! Right after their fantastic and deserving wins at the awards, these amazing artists got to go to a very early screening of the movie "Respect" in Berkeley, CA. This is one of the most awaited movies in 2021 because it pays tribute to the one of the best American singers of all times - Aretha Franklin and the movie is about herself as its a biography!

Here's exclusive ShowBiz blog pictures of Singer Eye'z and Rapper Fluid at the screening, just going to enjoy the movie and be enthralled by Aretha!

Eye'z and Fluid also talked about attending the screening in videos captured by MMBTV awards and here's what they had to say:

There's more about these artists that we'd like to share today. We were excited to learn that Rapper Fluid will be opening up for Oakland based rapper Keak the Sneak in San Francisco CA, on September 10th, at the Great Star! Now that is something we at ShowBiz blog will definitely look forward to and of course share our experience of it in one of our next spotlight articles!