Hilarious TV series for Men and about Men

This week on Showbiz we are going to see about THE MEN'S ROOM, a comedy TV series. This show offers “A new testosterone-fueled sketch comedy show by guys, for guys, and everyone who loves sketch comedy!” The artists in this show are highly talented and people are loving it since it's very funny. The testosterone-fueled and guy-branded production makes no compromises or excuses for it’s decidedly “Gents” point of view, targeting and scoring a direct bull’s-eye for the extremely coveted and currently disenfranchised 18-49 male television audience.  
The latest press release was on Saturday Night Live alum and Executive Producer Michael Wilson today released original animation segments from the new, guy-branded and testosterone-fueled sketch comedy series “The Men’s Room” featuring the iconic “Guy and Gal” stick figures internationally known for adorning the entrances to restroom doors all over the globe.
The Men’s Room” will be shopped shortly to network broadcasters, with the animation segments along with the entire pilot episode. It is currently screened for a limited time at the production’s website: The Men’s Room.


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