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You all know that every alternate day, we talk about artists and performers who are rising up the world of ShowBiz. Every week - we feature a ShowBiz organization or person who is working hard to upskill and promote artists. Every month - we take it to the highest level and talk about an people and organizations who are going above and beyond to help talents do their best in the ShowBiz industry. 

With that in mind, this month we are showcasing a talent agency which is going above and beyond to help talents be promoted and featured in the world of ShowBiz!

We are talking about King Watts Talent Agency or shortly "KWTA", a SAG-AFTRA franchised agency representing union and non-union talents in the industry. Before we go into the details of the fantastic work they do to support artists, let's talk about what a talent agency does in the first place.

An artist approaches a talent agency when they want to be represented the best to media companies which are looking for artists. A talent agency is then the representative of an artist. They have the power to solicit for gigs and contracts for the artist and fully act on behalf of the artist in terms of negotations, follow ups and finally, getting payments. In this way, the artist get to focus on what they like to do the most - performing and leave the contacting creative directors, working out the commercials and financials to the agency. 

KWTA is an amazing agency operating in the south of US after working for years regularly with entertainment professionals from coast to coast. They do agency work in all the sectors, you name it, they got it - Film, TV, Commercial, Print, Industrial, Voice Overs, Theater and also Literary! KWTA as an agency aims to achieve the maximum impact for artists in the least amount of time! Their official twitter is @kingwattstalent.

KWTA - whose official website is , as an agency is highly determined to support the artists they promote to bring out the best in them and get them the best of the best opportunities out there. Next, we'd like to talk about the CEO, the visionary behind the agency and the one who's working so hard to provide the best services to the artists.

Meet Bernadette (Bunny) Burroughs, who is a Gulf Coast native and has extensive experience of over 20 years in the entertainment industry. Bunny tweets at Showbizbunny and is already quite famous in the twitterverse of talent agents! 

She vouches for collaboration more than anything else and is an big advocate of hard work and has this splendid saying "Success comes when talented, dedicated, and teachable individuals embrace what each other has to offer and agree to build a masterpiece." Well, we fully agree and are extremely delighted we decided to showcase Bunny and her agency this month!


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